Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Game Controller Working on iPhone?

PocketGamer tells about the Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth gaming controller:

while this is in no way official, it seems some clever clogs has now got the compact thumb stick and buttons working with the iPhone.

What with iPhone 3.0's API's for Bluetooth accessory access, Jeremy thinks we might see more devices like this -- if Apple's smart. What do you think? Do you want/need an BT thumbstick to really get your iPhone game on, or is multi-touch enough?

(via antonioj)

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Zeemote JS1 Bluetooth Game Controller Working on iPhone?


A game controller accessory would be awesome. Biggest problem is that 10 companies will make them and they'll not be compatible with each other and each game will have to support one or many of them. Apple should have announced one last week that everyone could code against.
Watching this demo - the game appears to be rather out of sync with the movements of the controller.

there needs to be some kind of controller that attaches to the phone to make it a great gaming platform. Then you could use buttons and the touch screen.

Yeah i think having a bluetooth game controller
+ the new iPhone 3Gs's hardware
You could push out some AWESOME games, playable with a controller? maybe a wireless duel analog one? Sweet!! =)

Sorry this is off subject.
Can anyone confirm the release time for 3.0 software? 12am EST? 12am PST? Or 12pm 06/17?

The Zeemote is the closest thing to a standard of game controller for mobile phones. It´s already has some popularity on other phone platform (Symbian, Java high end feature phones, etc)

I like the idea of this but I see it as only something I'd use at home. I can't see myself taking carrying around a controller and my iPhone. That defeats my purpose of buying my iPhone to begin with. I think game makers need to focus on making touch controls better. Now I'm not saying I wouldn't buy one of these but the product would have to be spectacular and it would have to be some kind of standard. I agree with Stephen, there will be 10 of these controllers in the market. I can easily imagine having a game you want to play but can't because it doesn't support the controller you have.

Hi, yeah, if the Zeemote will work with the iphone that would be super great!! Love the device and image now playing that coool games from the iphone with this controller, it would rock!!!
And no you guys, there are not 10 companies, so far there is only Zeemote, and multiple games work with it, please review the feedback from Nokia, Lg and Samsung. It rocks!!! Yeah, hopefully they sell them alone, separately, soon.

Wow, found your site on Ask.Glad I finally tested it out. Not sure if its my Firefox browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really tiny? However, love your blog and will return.Bye

No saben si es real porque tengo ese joystick y un ipod y me gustaria probar ya que con los dedos te tapas media pantalla

Me for one on my iPad to me games are alright, but controlling them using the multi-touch screen to me just sucks because it is unreliable sloppy not accurate & responsive it has to much latency & most of the time you press where to go & you go another way & get shot in the game. I rather have a hardware controller of any kind because whether any one wants to admit it or not, it is terribly hard to control a game with that sad touch screen touch controller it sucks.Plus most of the time the creator of the game did not think things out clearly & they tend to put the touch screen controller on top over the game play, doing nothing but blocking the view of the player. Give me a hardware controller any day.