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During the month of December, our Animal Crossing islands will begin to look more festive. Trees suddenly have colorful lights on them, villagers decorate their homes with festive decorations, snow blankets the ground, and players will be visited by a special someone on Christmas Day. Looking forward to the fun holiday festivities? Here's everything you need to know about Toy Day, Jingle the Black-Nosed Reindeer, and gift giving in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

What is Animal Crossing Toy Day and who is Jingle?

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On December 24th, you and your Animal Crossing villagers celebrate a special day where Jingle the Black-Nosed Reindeer visits the island and brings gifts for everyone. Jingle will specifically ask you to help him deliver toys to your island's residents. If you help him, he will reward you. At the moment, we don't know exactly what he will give, but we're sure it will be something special.

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Buy toys for your villagers

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Throughout the month of December, Nook's Cranny will sell fun toys which you can purchase and then give to your favorite Animal Crossing characters. Make sure to check in daily to see what new finds there are in store.

Wear holiday clothes

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Able Sisters also gets into the holiday spirit by providing festive clothing for you to purchase. Keep an eye out throughout the month of December to see what cute Christmas sweaters, dresses, or Santa Clause hats you can find. Once you have nice selection of clothing, you can take pictures and make some cute Animal Crossing Christmas Cards.

Christmas trees

During the month of December, if you shake one of the festive Christmas trees on your island, it might just drop an ornament. You'll be able to use these ornaments to craft Toy Day decorations.

Jingle's amiibo card

That's right, there is a Jingle amiibo card. I tried scanning mine in around mid-November and the game told me, "Jingle can't be invited to Photopia." I'm sure this will change as we get closer to December 24th. Afterall, the Jack amiibo card wouldn't let me bring the pumpkin-headed specter into Photopia until the week of Halloween. I'll keep checking and will update this section when something changes.

Animal Crossing Christmas

Animal Crossing: New Horizons continues to prove just why it is one of the best Nintendo Switch games ever made. New updates and experiences can be had depending on the time of the year to keep us entertained.

I'm really looking forward to meeting Jingle and picking out the perfect presents for my favorite villager, Sprinkle. Until then, we'll just have to count down the days to Christmas.

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