Future iPads to use light, flexible "knitted" material? [Patent watch]

Another interesting Apple patent has made its way out of Cupertino, this one explaining a process in which Apple would use new "knitting technology" to create a flexible material for use in iPads and other products. The material could be made from not only metal fibers but glass fibers or other types of materials as well.

This could potentially give products a bit more physical flexibility as well. Seeing as this material probably would not be as durable as aluminum, I don't know if I can see Apple using this as the sole material to build future devices. I do see this as being useful for things such as insulation. Perhaps using some of this material could insulate vulnerable parts and protect from interference (antennagate anyone?).

Seeing as a knitting process would also allow Apple to control the texture and thickness of fibers, this type of technology could be used in products such as headphones as well. Anyone else have any theories on what Apple plans on using this new material process for?


Allyson Kazmucha

iMore senior editor from 2011 to 2015.