iPhone Slider Concept

According to a rough translation from tw.apple.pro, Apple may be prototyping an iPhone with a physical slide-out keyboard.

The site's source claimed that Apple has built three prototype models for its anticipated "iPhone 5," and one of them has a "sliding cover" that conceals a keyboard.

The translation also mentioned the rumored iPhone Nano which has picked up a lot of traction recently, as well as a prototype similar to the iPhone 4 but with upgraded internals.

While we've seen a few different rumors floating around about purported iPhone models coming down the pipe, this one seems a little too far-fetched for our liking. When we asked if anyone still wanted an iPhone with a physical keyboard, the majority of responses we saw were in favor of a software-based keyboard. On top of that, Steve Jobs has professed his love for the software keyboard because of its ability to adapt to any use-case needed.

Any of our readers think there's weight to these new rumors? Let us know in the comments below!

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