Is Apple working on its own Fitness Center integration for future iOS versions?

Patently Apple has uncovered another very interesting Apple Patent application. This time it is an integrated Fitness Center app that it has been working on for quite some time. Nike also appear to have had some involvement in the development as one illustration lists "The Nike Training Club Class”.

The app covers all aspects of a workout including stats gathered from smart equipment as well as a unique social networking element that works within a particular fitness center or city limits. The app will help you find workout buddies or work as a motivational tool.

Apple's patent describes the possibility that the iPhone will one day include a single, seamless application that will introduce new customers to a fitness center and motivate these new customers to keep returning to the fitness center as active members.

This is an interesting discovery and if Apple gets it right, it could be a fantastic feature to interest consumers and health clubs across the board. The app store already has a lot of great fitness apps; we have just revealed our top 5. Apple would have to come up with something a bit different to compete with these; if anyone can do that, Apple can!

[Patently Apple]


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