Best Affordable Gifts for iPhone Users iMore 2022

Did you just pick up a brand new iPhone 12 for yourself? Or maybe you got something like an iPhone SE as a gift for someone, and it's going to be their very first iPhone. If that's the case, congrats — they're going to love it. But how about some great accessories to go along with that shiny new iPhone? Here are some of the best affordable gifts for iPhone users that are great for everyone on your list.

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case

Affordable protection: Spigen cases

Spigen is one of our favorite brands when it comes to iPhone protection. They have a wide variety of case styles, from tough and rugged to slim and stylish, even super thin or clear to show off your iPhone color to the world. The prices for all of Spigen's cases are super affordable (no more than a Jackson), and they're durable and protective. And there are a ton of color options.

Switcheasy Shiny Bling Sparkling Iphone 12 Case

For the fashionista: SwitchEasy cases

Does the iPhone user in your life need some shine and sparkle? SwitchEasy has a nice selection of stylish cases for any aspiring fashionista, but there are also other, less chic cases if sparkles aren't your thing. SwitchEasy cases offer great protection, are durable, and also very affordable.

Anker Premium Double Braided Nylon Lightning Cable

Durable cables: Anker 6ft Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable

Apple Lightning cables aren't the best when it comes to durability — that's why you should pick up an Anker Premium Double-Braided Nylon Lightning Cable instead. The braided nylon is durable and will last much longer than Apple's cables, and you can choose from 3.3-feet to 6-feet lengths and black or red colors. This is a USB-A-to-Lightning styled cable.

$11 at Amazon
Anker Nano Render Cropped

Fast power!: Anker Nano iPhone Charger 20W

Apple decided to leave out a charging brick with new iPhones but gave us a USB-C-to-Lightning cable in the box. If you want to use that cable, then this Anker Nano iPhone Charger is a great one. It's super small and compact but provides the minimum 20W output needed for fast charging an iPhone 12, and it's our top pick for best iPhone 12 chargers.

$17 at Amazon
Popsocket PopGrip Rose Gold aluminum

Get a grip: PopSockets: PopGrip with Swappable Top

One of the hottest accessories that you can gift an iPhone user is a PopSockets PopGrip. These little guys stick to the back of an iPhone or case, and you just pull it out to expand and get additional grip or use it as a stand. It's way more comfortable to hold your iPhone with one hand this way, and PopSockets has a ton of different designs to choose from, and you can swap the tops to different designs to suit your mood.

Otterbox Mobile Charging Kit

Universal charging: OtterBox Mobile Charging Kit - Standard

The OtterBox Mobile Charging Kit is one of my favorite new accessories. This 5000mAh power bank is slim and compact, so you can even slip it into your pocket for extra juice. The cable it comes with is a 3-in-1 cable with Lightning, micro-USB, and USB-C, so it can charge your iPhone and anything else you need. OtterBox offers several colors to choose from.

$35 at OtterBox
Mophie Powerstation 10000mah Portable Charger

Convenient power: Mophie Powerstation 10000mAh Portable Charger with Integrated Lightning Cable

Don't need a micro-USB or USB-C cable with your power bank? The Mophie PowerStation has a nice 10000mAh capacity, so you can get more juice out of it, and it comes with an integrated Lightning cable, so you don't need to carry one around. The navy blue color also looks great.

$40 at Amazon
Atumtek Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod

Say cheese!: ATUMTEK Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick Tripod

An iPhone takes great photos, so why not get a selfie stick and tripod to go along with it? This one from ATUMTEK is 7.7-inches when folded for super portability, but it extends out to a whopping 31.3-inches. The phone mount can rotate 180-degrees, so the perfect angle is always within reach. This selfie stick also has Bluetooth and a remote control.

$26 at Amazon
Anker Wireless Chargers Bundle

Look ma, no wires!: Anker Wireless Chargers Bundle

We like Anker for power accessories, and this wireless chargers bundle is no exception. This bundle includes one PowerWave Pad and one PowerWave Stand, so you can have one on the nightstand while sleeping and another at your desk, with your phone upright. These PowerWave chargers will charge up an iPhone at 7.5W output, which is perfect for topping off when you need it.

Delightful gifts for iPhone users this holiday season

When it comes to the world of iPhone, there are a ton of useful accessories out there. But these products are the best and most affordable gifts for iPhone users and will bring a smile to anyone's face once they open these up. They're also practical for everyone.

If you want some recommendations, I would check out the Spigen cases that are available. No matter what iPhone you're using, they have great cases for everyone, from rugged to slim to clear and colorful. I have picked up a few of them throughout the years, and they last for a long time, considering the price.

Other products I would recommend are the OtterBox Mobile Charging Kit, and Anker Nano iPhone Charger. The Mobile Charging Kit is slim enough to even fit in my girl jeans. The cable has three options for all of your charging needs, including iPhone. And I like the Anker Nano iPhone Charger because it has the 20W requirement for fast charging an iPhone 12 Pro — it's our top pick for best iPhone 12 chargers, after all.

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