Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons Phone Cases iMore 2022

In the latest Animal Crossing game, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, each resident gets a NookPhone complete with handy apps to help you with your island. Although you may not be able to really move to a deserted island and get a NookPhone, you can give your own phone a hint of Animal Crossing in this world. We've gathered some of the Android and iPhone cases to remind you of your other home.

Animal Crossing Soft Case Variety

Take your pick: Animal Crossing Frosted Soft Case

Staff Pick

On this seller's Etsy listing, you get your pick of the bunch with 48 design options fitting iPhones 6-SE. This soft case will do a great job of keeping scratches and dirt at bay and will protect your camera. Simply choose your favorite design or characters!

$16 at Etsy
RegisBox Animal Crossing Phone Case

Your favorite character: RegisBox Animal Crossing Phone Case

Carry your favorite villager with you always with the RegisBox Animal Crossing Phone Case. There are 34 different villager designs to choose from. This case is available for several iPhones and Samsung phones.

$19 at Amazon
Max Pure Animal Crossing Iphone Case

Bring the whole village: iPhone Xs Max Pure Clear Case Cases Cover Animal Crossing - Blue

Can't pick just one favorite? Get a bunch together! This cute clear case design features multiple villagers and is made to fit the iPhone XS Max.

$18 at Amazon
Peachstudioart Animal Crossing Nook Inc Phone Case

Owned by Nook Inc: NookPhone 3D/Tough/Snap Case

Straight from the Nook Stop to your mailbox! This Nook Inc design comes in three colors and is available for iPhone and Galaxy devices. The 3D and snap cases are made from rigid plastic, and the tough case is made from rubber. Check out your options to pick which one you like best!

From $11 at Etsy
Animal Crossing Glass Back Phone Case

Keep it glassy: Animal Crossing New Horizon Tempered Glass Back Soft Phone Case

If the glass back of your iPhone was part of the appeal of the phone for you, then this is the case for you! These Animal Crossing designs are displayed on tempered glass with soft sides. The tempered glass will protect against scratching while the soft edges are made to absorb shock to protect the glass of the case and your phone. Choose from 12 designs!

$16 at Etsy

New Horizons, new phone

Giving your phone a new look is always fun and gives the feeling of having a completely new phone. With so many fans, villagers, and icons from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, that leaves a lot of phone case options to choose from! To display your forbidden love for Tom Nook, create a shrine to your favorite villager, or give a more subtle touch to your phone. However you do it, make sure your case has the protection you're looking for too.

The Animal Crossing Frosted Soft Case has the most design options available for your phone, so if you're looking for a particular character or design, this may be a good place to start. If you're more interested in something that offers extra safety for your device instead of the perfect design, the Animal Crossing New Horizon Tempered Glass Back Soft Phone Case may be more your style. It still has 12 designs to choose from but gives that nice tempered glass back many phones are holding while protecting the actual back of your phone.

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