Best audio glasses for iPhone iMore 2022

For those who already wear eyeglasses daily, adding audio is simply an added convenience. I never thought of owning them since I don't need to wear glasses, but I'm officially a convert after trying out a pair of audio sunglasses recently. If you're ready to try out your own pair, we've gone and rounded up the best audio glasses for iPhone owners.

Fauna Designer Bluetooth Audio Smart Sunglasses

High fashion appeal: FAUNA Audio Smart Sunglasses - Fabula

Staff Pick

My own personal favorite, Fauna's Fabula Audio Sunglasses, brings beautiful designs and a sleek profile. The transparent frames and slim arms have a fashionable, feminine feel. They fit great, and the audio is both clear and crisp as long as there's not too much loud ambient noise around you.

$199 at Amazon
Lyra Sunglasses Vue Glasses

Cool design choices: Vue Lite Glasses - Lyra

Vue Lite was one of the first brands to release audio glasses in 2016, and since then, it has been busy designing many different and interesting styles to choose from. My favorite is this Lyra round-framed look.

$179 at Amazon
Echo Frames Smart Audio Glasses

Alexa approved: Amazon Echo Frames

Amazon's Echo Frames will blend in seamlessly with the Alexa network for those who use Amazon's smart home technology in the home or office. Use them as you would use any Echo device, and those who use prescription lenses will enjoy the comfortable fit.

$249 at Amazon
Bose Frames Tempo

Best sound: Bose Frames Tempo

Here are the audio glasses for audiophiles. Bose knows good sound, and you won't be disappointed with the sound produced by these sporty frames.

Razer Anzu Smart Glasses Round Design

Built-in blue light filters: Razer Anzu Smart Glasses

Razer offers these Anzu Smart Glasses with blue-light filtering lenses to help ease eye strain from long hours of staring at screens. There are several different shapes and lenses to choose from.

Bose Frames Tenor

Versatile style: Bose Frames Tenor

Bose's Tenor glasses come with the usual excellent sound quality we expect from Bose, and these squared-off frames will look great in both indoor and outdoor environments. Choose between several shades of sunglass lenses or get them fitted with your own prescription lenses.

Vocalskull Black Audio Frames

Hear it in your bones: VocalSkull Black Audio Frames

If you prefer bone-conduction headphones over traditional types, then VocalSkull's audio frames will be just the thing. These glasses use bone conduction technology to deliver sounds directly to your inner ear, as opposed to open-ear sound.

$109 at Amazon
Oho Bluetooth Sunglasses Open Ear Audio Sunglasses

Best for outdoor sports: OhO Bluetooth Sunglasses

OhO offers a streamlined design that won't slip off easily during vigorous activity or outdoor sports. These are also the most affordable audio sunglasses on our list.

$99 at Amazon

Easy listening anywhere

Whether you wear prescription lenses or enjoy sporting shades, wearing headphones and glasses simultaneously can be awkward and uncomfortable. The best audio glasses for iPhone solve this problem easily and efficiently; plus, they feel pretty cool to wear. My own favorite is a pair of audio sunglasses called Fabula from Fauna. I use these for my morning walks, and they work beautifully.

If you're a bit of an audiophile, the best sound around is coming from Bose with its Tempo and Tenor style shades. Both of these come with several shades of sunglass lenses, or you can have them fitted with prescription lenses. Most of the brands on this list offer different styles and colors to choose from, so take your time and find the audio glasses that perfectly complement your style.

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