Best Bluetooth remote shutters for iPhone photography

Bluetooth remote shutters can take the stress out your iPhone photography. Whether you're trying to take a family portrait, or the next viral Snapchat or Instagram selfie, a Bluetooth shutter can help you get the shot you want, from the angle you want, at the moment you want.

CamKix remote control

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Wireless, small, and super portable, the CamKix remote control is the perfect accessory to attach to your keychain so you never miss a shot with your iPhone.

The CamKix can be used up to 30 feet from whatever you're shooting, so if you want to take a big group shot with friends or a tricky shot from a distance, it's the perfect tool to help capture it.

This remote comes in five different colors: blue, black, green, red, and white. All you need to do is sync it to your phone with Bluetooth and you're ready to start shooting wirelessly.

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Gadgin shutter

Gadgin shutter

The Gadgin shutter is a super modern-looking Bluetooth remote accessory that works seamlessly with your iPhone photography.

The Gadgin is around 2 inches long and weighs around one ounce, making it another great remote to attach to your keychain. While other remotes may work with social media apps like Snapchat, the Gadgin does not work at all with Snapchat's video mode.

This little Bluetooth remote works up to 30 feet from your subject, and comes with a wrist strap, soft carrying case, a handy-dandy user manual, and two batteries that'll give you two years of solid snapping.

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The Alaska Life waterproof remote

The Alaska Life waterproof remote

This waterproof iPhone photography remote from The Alaska Life is a simple-to-use point shutter remote that's as durable as it is adorable.

The Alaska Life waterproof remote was tested with underwater jets to assure its ruggedness, so you don't need to worry about getting it wet or splashing your remote while you're out shooting.

The Bluetooth remote comes in four different, vibrant colors, including berry pink, glacial blue, tongass green and midnight black, and just like the previous two remotes on the list, the Alaska Life waterproof remote can be used up to 30 feet away.

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Mooni premium remote shutter

The Mooni premium remote shutter a really cool looking iPhoneography tool that's proven to be a popular, reliable choice for people looking for a Bluetooth shutter!

This disk-looking remote has zero shutter lag, meaning you can take photos and shoot your video instantly at the push of a button. Use your Mooni to shoot Snapchat videos from a distance or even to capture the perfect distance portait.

The Mooni works seamlessly with selfie sticks, tablets, iPhones and iPods, so you can get your money's worth by pairing the Mooni with all your devices. The remote comes in two colors: black and bright blue.

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Though not technically a remote shutter on its own, the CliquefieMax is more like a portable toolkit for everything iPhoneography and fun!

While not as portable as some other devices on this list, the CliquefieMax combines a selfie stick, a tripod, and a remote shutter all into one sleek, stylish looking package. The Bluetooth remote can pop out from the stand, meaning you can actually just use it on its own if you really wanted.

Of course, you can always use the shutter with the tripod for a little extra stability when you're taking your photos from a distance. The Cliquefie can extend to fit almost any phone case or phone size, so if you want to shoot your photos with external lenses or other equipment, the Cliqueife is a great call.

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What remote shutters are your favorite?

Is there a remote shutter that you love to use for your iPhoneography? Something that goes above and beyond a regular remote? Let us know in the comments below!

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