Best Edge to Edge Screen Protectors for iPhone 8 iMore 2019

Still rocking an iPhone 8? No problem! Perhaps the new iPhone X series of devices don't interest you right now, or you just want to maximize the life you get out of your current iPhone 8. Either way, protecting it always keeps it looking good from everyday wear and tear, and it'll retain its value if you choose to sell or trade it in later. We've rounded up the best edge-to-edge screen protectors for your iPhone 8!

Affordable and protective: LK Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The LK Tempered Glass screen protector is scratch resistant and shatterproof, no matter what happens to come your way. It also features an oleophobic coating so fingerprints don't dirty up the screen. LK also provides you with an easy installation kit so it's impossible to mess up!

$9 at Amazon

Seamless protection: Manto Tempered Glass Edge to Edge Screen Protector

Manto's tempered glass screen protector will cover your phone's entire front face. It features a 9H hardness rating yet is only 0.33mm thick, so you'll barely see it there. And the black bezels will blend in seamlessly with your device. It also has an oleophobic coating so fingerprint smudges don't stick around.

$9 at Amazon

Budget pick: Ailun 2.5D Edge Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The Ailun 2.5D Edge Tempered Glass screen protector is a good value for what you get. It's only 0.33mm thick, features hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings so there's no residue from sweat and fingerprints, and it's precisely cut out. It will protect your device from whatever comes at it, and the price is right.

$6 at Amazon

Splash of color: ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass + Luxe Screen Protector

ZAGG's InvisibleShield Glass + Luxe screen protectors are made from tempered glass, so it's highly protective and durable. There are also several different colors and finishes to match the color of your device, so you can opt for a rose gold front if you really wanted to. It's also edge-to-edge so everything is protected.

$20 at Amazon

Privacy, please!: JETech Privacy Screen Protector

The JETech Privacy screen protector completely protects your iPhone 8's front with edge-to-edge coverage. It's 0.33mm thick and will make your screen only visible to those who are directly in front, so no one can see what you're up to. It has a hardness rating of 9H and is dust-free, fingerprint-free, and scratch resistant.

$12 at Amazon

Trusted name: OMOTON Tempered Glass Screen Protector

OMOTON is a fairly popular brand when it comes to screen protectors. This one features a 9H hardness rating and is scratch resistant, so it's tough, durable, and protective. It also has the oleophobic coating so fingerprints don't smudge so easily on it. You get two in this pack for one low price.

$6 at Amazon

Super thin: Maxboost Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

This screen protector from Maxboost is one of the thinnest we've seen, coming in at only 0.2mm thickness. The oleophobic coating keeps it free of fingerprints, and it's highly scratch-resistant and protective. It will feel like nothing is on your phone!

$8 at Amazon

More bang for your buck: JETech 3-pack Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you don't need a privacy shield, then this option from JETech is a good one. It comes with three protectors in the pack, so it's a great value. Its 9H hardness rating keeps your screen safe from scratches, and the oleophobic coating prevents fingerprint smudging. It has a high response rate and high transparency.

$6 at Amazon

Popular pick: amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

One of the most popular picks on Amazon is the amFilm, which receives 4 out of 5 stars from over 39,000 reviews. It's thin at 0.3mm thickness, is highly durable and scratch resistant with a 9H rating, and you get two for the price of one.

$8 at Amazon

The iPhone 8 may be last-gen, but it's still a great device that gets the job done! You should definitely keep it in tip-top shape with a screen protector, and these are some of the best options we found on Amazon. My personal favorite is the amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector, because I've been using the amFilm brand for years with no issues.

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