Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Camera Lens Protectors iMore 2022

If you're as excited as we are about the iPhone 11 Pro Max 's triple camera with night mode and ultra-wide settings, then you'll want to keep those three lenses as pristine as the day you bought them. Luckily, Apple gear manufacturers are now offering iPhone camera lens protectors similar to screen protectors. Here are your best iPhone 11 Pro Max lens protectors.


Bang for buck: Casetego Camera Lens Protectors 9-Pack

Our Pick

When it comes to value for the price, these Casetego camera lens protectors are constructed of chemically strengthened tempered glass, and they come in a pack of nine! The tiny protectors are comprised of thin glass disks that attach directly to each lens, absorbing impacts and effectively protecting against scratches, dents, and cracks.

$8 at Amazon

Color coordinating: Sakulaya Camera Lens Protector

The only camera lens protector we've seen in gold, this one comes in three color choices that coordinate perfectly with the iPhone 11 Pro Max stock colors. Choose silver, black, or gold to coordinate with your device, and the camera protector will blend in seamlessly with the phone itself.

$7 at Amazon

One-Piece protection: Feitenn Protector for Camera Lens

Due to its strong, one-piece design, the Feitenn lens protector provides an even more robust impact and scratch protection. All lenses are covered at once, and the tempered glass and frame design is more impact-resistant than glass-only designs. The pack comes with four protectors, two black and two silver.

$11 at Amazon

HD-Approved: Oifen Camera Lens Protector

The Oifen lens protector assures HD quality videos and photos because of its ultra-thin 0.15mm glass design. The small lens disks will not impede flash or photo quality in any way, and they come in a three-pack! For budget shoppers, these are the best iPhone 11 Pro Max lens protectors.

$6 at Amazon

Waterproof Camera: Oterkin Rugged 360° Waterproof Case

If you plan to do a lot of underwater photography, then a full-body waterproof case with a built-in lens protector will be in order. Yes, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is already water-resistant, but over time, repeated water exposure can cause water damage to the camera. Give it full, long-lasting protection with the Oterkin waterproof case.

$20 at Amazon

In Summary

Many iPhone cases are great for safeguarding corners and screens. However, since the triple camera is more prone to impacts and scratches than previous models, it's a good idea to provide extra protection. Keep those triple camera lenses shiny and intact with any of these best iPhone 11 Pro Max lens protectors. Our pick is the Casetego Camera Lens Protector because it offers high-quality tempered glass protection at an excellent price for a pack of nine protectors. Although the tiny protector disks are extremely thin to allow for high-quality photos, they are also scratch and impact resistant.

For those of you who prefer a one-piece protector and perfect aesthetics, try the Sakulaya Camera Lens Protector. It comes in three different colors to match the exact shade of your iPhone 11 Pro Max. For the most robust option possible, however, you may prefer a full-body waterproof case like the Oterkin for military-grade impact defense and underwater protection. No matter what you choose, you'll feel better about that awesome triple camera if you have it well-protected.

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