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You'll want the best iPhone 12 charger for the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Don't worry! There are tons of great charging options already out for the iPhone 12, and the best iPhone 12 chargers will have a USB-C port that will let you take advantage of fast charging.

Anker Nano iPhone Charger

Small, but mighty: Anker Nano iPhone Charger PIQ 3.0

Staff Pick

Anker's wall charger is specifically made with the iPhone 12 in mind. Its 20W of power will give your iPhone 12 the fastest charge it can handle while remaining in a small footprint, which means you can carry it anywhere you need to go.

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Apple 20w Usb C Charger

Apple's solution: Apple 20W USB-C Power Adapter — white

Apple launched its 20W charger for the launch of the iPhone 12. If you want to stick with Apple because it's the safest bet, this is the USB-C charger to get for your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro.

Anker 30w Dual Fast Charger

Plenty of power x2: Anker 30W 2-Port Fast Charger with 18W USB C Power Adapter

They say two ports are better than one, and when one port is a 30W USB-C, and the other is an 18W USB-A, it's hard to disagree. The USB-C port on the Anker 30W 2-port fast charger is more than capable of juicing up your iPhone 12 quickly, and the 18 W USB-A means your Apple Watch, iPad, or any other device will charge up fast as well.

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Anker Powerdrive Duo

Fast charge in the car: Anker 42W PowerDrive Speed+ Duo

If you are the type of person who enjoys charging your phone while driving, the PowerDrive Speed+ Duo is an excellent car charger that can ensure your devices charge fast while you're on the move. The charger has one USB-C port capable of pumping out 30W worth of power and a USB-A port that delivers 12W worth of power. Perfect for charging both your iPhone 12 and Apple Watch.

$45 at Amazon
Native Union Smart Charger

Great for traveling: Native Union Smart Charger PD 20W

The Native Union Smart Charger will sit flat against the wall when plugged into a socket, perfect for tight spaces behind desks or hotel room tables. Its USB-A and USB-C ports put out 20W, so your iPhone 12 will charge up quickly. Plus, it includes a UK and EU wall adapter, making it perfect for trips overseas.

$30 at Amazon
Ugreen 20w Charger

Buy in a pair: UGREEN 20W USB-C Wall Charger - 2 Pack

If you use your iPhone 12 everywhere you go, why not buy two chargers at once to always make sure you have one whenever you need it. The UGREEN chargers are compact, and the plug prongs fold in, making them super easy to carry around. Plus, since the silver has 20W of power, it will fast charge your iPhone 12 with no problem.

$20 at Amazon

Power is the key to fast-charging

Apple states that all models of the iPhone 12 can take advantage of fast charging, citing that each model can achieve a 50% charge in about 30 minutes. The catch? You'll need to make sure that the charger is 20W or more. Any less and fast charging doesn't appear to work — although there is more than meets the eye in that situation. However, the best iPhone 12 chargers will give you that 20W power and let you charge up your phone regardless of which iPhone 12 case you choose to slap on your phone.

What about charging with MagSafe?

Magsafe Charger HeroSource: Joe Wituschek/iMore

The MagSafe charger is a neat little Qi wireless charger that snaps nicely on the back of your iPhone 12. However, to use it to its full ability, you will want to pair it with a 20W charger.

The MagSafe charger can charge your iPhone 12 with 15W of power if you pair it with a 20W USB-C charger. Wireless charging is always a little less efficient than charging directly via the lightning port, but 15W charging through a wireless charger like MagSafe is fast.

You'll only get these speeds using a 20W charger, any less, and MagSafe will charge much, much slower.

So why even mention 18W chargers?

The iPhone 12 models can only fast charge connected to a 20W charger. However, in our testing, an 18W charger had pretty similar results.

Our initial testing of charging an iPhone 12 using an 18W charger instead of a 20W charger shows that you can charge an iPhone 12 from 2% to 59% in about a half-hour. This was using the 18W charger with a USB-C to Lightning cable directly plugged into the Lightning port on the iPhone 12.

So, while you may not be able to use MagSafe to its full potential, an 18W charger will likely yield similar results to a 20W when charging your iPhone 12 directly via the cable. There are many great 18W chargers out there, so we've chosen some for this list.

Bottom line: If you want to ensure that you have the fastest charging speeds, no matter what on the iPhone 12, get a 20W charger — especially for MagSafe. But, if you're charging your iPhone directly via a cable most of the time, an 18W charger likely won't leave you waiting for much extra time.

Our recommendations

Our favorite iPhone 12 charger is the Anker Nano iPhone Charger. Due to its 20W power output, you'll get the fast charging Apple is talking about, and its small design makes it easy to carry around in your bag, purse, or jacket pocket.

Also, if you often travel, you may want to look at the Native Union Smart Charger. It comes with both U.S. and EU (and the U.K.) plugs, meaning you can charge up using USB-C in many more countries. Yes, it only puts out 18W of power, which means it won't fast-charge the iPhone 12. However, it will be faster than chargers with less output.

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