Best iPhone Repair Kits 2022

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If you own any electronics, you should have a repair kit around for small repair jobs. It'll save you money, and you can learn your way around the phone. If you're even more independently-minded, you could even use one for bigger jobs like repairing your iPhone's screen or replacing a battery. Any of these kits will help you with tasks, both large and small.

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When purchasing a repair toolkit for your iPhone, you'll want to get something that has enough tools to handle any of your electronics. You'll also want something small, portable, and easy to keep track of so you don't go losing pieces left and right.

To that end, I recommend the Xool 80-piece repair kit. It has enough pieces to be useful for any repair, but not so many that you'll start losing track of them. If you just need the basics, go with the ScandiTech repair kit. It is cheap and contains the basic tools that you will need to repair your iPhone.

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