Best iPhone Running Belts in 2022

I'm not an armband kinda girl. That is, I don't feel comfortable with something strapped to my upper arm to hold my iPhone while I'm exercising, especially if I'm running. I constantly fidget with it, trying to get the fit just right, hoping my arm fat isn't too noticeable as I squeeze the armband as tight as I possibly can.

That's why I prefer a running belt for my iPhone, ID, and keys when I head out on a run. I'm already more comfortable with the fashion and personally, I think they're much more versatile for our different body shapes. Here's a list of the best running belts you can buy in 2018.

Tune Belt Running Belt

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Tune Belt

This is my personal favorite, but mostly because of my personal preferences. It's got an adjustable belt with a clip lock closure. The belt itself is very narrow, about 2 inches, and is made from stretchy neoprene with moisture-wicking fabric. It kind of feels like a soft wetsuit.

The pouch that houses the iPhone has a dedicated Lightning port, so you can plug in your headphones. There are also two speaker cutouts. The clear plastic window cover is touch capacitive, so you can use your iPhone screen without having to take it out of the pouch.

There is also a pocket on the back of the pouch that is big enough to hold your money, credit cards, and ID. You could also put your keys in there, but I'd recommend only taking the keys you need, so you don't have metal things poking you in the stomach.

The belt is about 40 inches around but has enough stretch to reach something closer to a comfortable 43 inches. It can also be adjusted down to as slim as 13 inches.

The pouch is designed for large-screen phones like the iPhone 8 Plus, but I use it with my iPhone X and there's plenty of room for a thick rugged case in there, too.

You can get the Tune Belt in black for about $20.

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Eazymate Fashion Running Belt


I also like this stretchy band because of its minimalist design. It's literally a big Spandex Lycra band that slips over your waist (there is no adjustable belt). It's got a pocket on the front with two zippers (the Amazon description shows two pockets, but it's actually one pocket with two zippers).

There is also a practically unnoticeable pocket on the backside with two openings (again, the description shows two pockets, but it's actually one pocket with two openings). The pocket on the back also has a keychain clip so you can keep track of your keys.

The band is about five inches thick and it fits snuggly to your body. In fact, I decided to go with size medium instead of small because it's a very tight fit. If you prefer to have the band rest on your hips a little and not riding up on your waist, go a size larger.

If you don't use a case for your phone, only carry a couple of items with you while you exercise, and don't want to show off that you've got an iPhone with you, this is the perfectly hidden, comfortable band.

The Eazymate Fashion Running belt comes in black, blue, and gray and costs about $20.

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Milide Running Belt Waist Pack


If you're the type of person that feels compelled to bring a lot of stuff with you on your workout (like all of your keys, maybe some loose change, and some lip balm and deodorant), then you might be more comfortable with Milide's waist pack. It's slightly more than a running belt, while still being slim and tight for exercising. Your loose change might jingle around while you're on the treadmill, but everything will fit comfortably inside dedicated pouches so you can access what you need quickly.

The clip locking belt measures about 1.5 inches thick and can be adjusted to nearly 39 inches long. If you want to slim it down, you can get to about 29.5 inches.

There are four different zipper pockets for storing all of your necessary items, including a key pouch that has a key clip attached.

This bag also has reflective strips across the entire front, so you'll be spotted easier if you're running in the dark.

Milide's Running Belt Waist Pack comes in black, blue, green, pink, and orange and ranges in price from about $8 to about $13, depending on your color option.

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Runtasty Hydration Belt


Sometimes, your exercise routine calls for more than just a simple belt to hold your phone and your keys. If you're out on a long run, you'll need to stay hydrated and Runtasty's exercise belt has two pouches for holding water. It even comes with two PBA free water bottles that are designed to fit perfectly in the pockets.

The front pouch fits the largest sized phones, including the iPhone 8 Plus, and it's partially detachable thanks to a velcro patch at the bottom. You can lift your iPhone to look at the screen while it's attached to your belt. Genius!

It's also got a large pocket on the back to hold your personal belongings and features a grippy inner lining to stick to your body better but is made from stretchy, moisture-wicking neoprene so you won't get all wet from sweat. The belt has reflective strips on the front, sides, and back for extra visibility at night time. There's a special click for holding your race number if you're using it at your next 5K (or 10K or marathon!).

Runtasty's hydration belt comes in black and costs about $30.

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Waterfly Waist Bag


If your outdoor activities are less about pounding pavement and more about climbing rocks, Waterfly's waist bag might be a little more to your liking. It's kind of like a standard fanny pack, but slim and more subtle. It's not an everyday hip pack, though you might want it to be. The pockets are still somewhat small and don't hold a lot. They are bigger than any other pockets on this list, however. It's not meant to be worn while you're out for your daily jog. Instead, it's the perfect pack for a day's hike, a long bike ride, or some meditation time. There are four pockets in total, a large main pocket that fits phones as big as the iPhone 8 Plus, and three smaller pockets that can fit your personal belongings, like your wallet, keys, and such.

The adjustable clipping lock belt is made from woven nylon that fits waists up to 50 inches. It comes in black, gray, green, pink, purple, red, and yellow (which is more like a mustard yellow color) and costs about $10.

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How do you run?

Do you use a running belt or waist pack while you exercise? What is your go-to bag and why do you think it's the best?

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