Whether you're someone who has a Product(RED) iPhone with a white bezel that you don't like or are just looking to switch up the look of your rose gold, silver, or gold iPhone, accessorizing and changing your white faceplate to a black one is a lot easier than you may think.

Here are a couple of different options and paths you can take if you want to turn your white faceplate black!

SlickWraps Color Series Skins

Bye-bye white faceplate, hello black SlickWraps Color Series Skin!

This highly-rated wrap works by securing onto your iPhone's faceplate, transforming that boring ol' white into a sleek and stylish black.

Because this is a wrap, you're going to need to use heat and a steady hand to apply the new faceplate, but if you mess up, don't worry! – SlickWraps has what the call a GOOF policy which lets users contact the company within 30 days for a replacement.

Even though you're reading this article to turn your white faceplate black, if you're someone who has the Product(RED) iPhone 7, you could also look into getting the red faceplate option as well. You can even just select 'front only' to take $9 off your final purchase!

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Akwox Black full-cover screen protector

If you're looking for a faceplate that won't only turn your iPhone black, but will also give you a lil' bit of protection, then check out the Akwox Black full-cover screen protector.

Designed to withstand scrapes, bumps, scratches, shattering, and more of everything life has to throw at you with edge-to-edge coverage, the Akwox Black full-cover screen protector is a fantastic option to keep in mind!

The screen protector is tempered glass, and promises a bubble-free installation, so you won't constantly have to apply and reapply if you mess up.

You can pick up the Akwox Black full-cover screen protector in jet black to cover your white screen flawlessly, or if you have a rose gold or a silver iPhone, you can opt to match those colors with your screen protector, too!

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Precise, easy to apply, and designed with that high-gloss, jet black feel, the LUXURIA High Gloss JET BLACK skin promises to transform your white faceplate into a black masterpiece.

Our designers developed a precise and innovative skin that protects your iPhone 7 in a way that suits your own character for enhanced personal expression. EasySkinz are designed to follow the lines of the iPhone 7 for more natural, purely flawless finish that looks more as a paint. Your friends will probably think that you have got a custom built iPhone 7, be prepared for questions.

Made in Great Britain and designed to be scratch resistant with a bubble-free installation (aka a headache-free installation), the LUXURIA High Gloss JET BLACK skin adds that little extra somethin' somethin' to your Product(RED) iPhone 7 (or any iPhone, really!)

The neat part about the skin is that you can also add a screen protector: you can pick between an HD Ultra Clear Screen Protector, and a 9H tempered glass screen protector.

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SPARIN Full Coverage tempered glass screen protector

With nearly 100 5-star reviews online, and the promise to protect your iPhone 7 Plus (or iPhone 7's faceplate while simultaneously turning it black, the SPARIN Full Coverage tempered glass screen protector is a reliable, durable option if you're looking to add some flare to your iPhone.

The specially curved 3D glass offers full, edge-to-edge protection for your screen, while the black outline perfectly masks any of the white faceplate that shines through.

The SPARIN Full Coverage tempered glass screen protector is scratch-resistant and made from tempered glass, so if you drop it, knock it off a counter, or accidentally have it fall out of your bag, then you won't have to stress!

Because of the colored frame, installation is easy as pie: just make sure everything is aligned, and the bubble-free adhesive will do the rest of the work.

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Are you going to change your faceplate color?

Do you prefer the Product(RED) iPhone 7's white faceplate? Or are you going to ditch them Canada colors for a sleek black/red combo? Let us know what your preferences are in the comments below!

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