Best macro lenses for iPhone photography

Have you ever tried to focus your iPhone close to a subject, only to find that it's insanely blurry? Sure, you can take a step back to get a clearer picture, but what about all that vivid detail?

Are your dreams of detailed macro iPhoneography unfulfilled? With an external macro lens, you can start shooting with your phone in detail without any stress.

We've found five different macro-specific lenses worth checking out if you're ready to get up close and personal with your iPhone photography!

Olloclip Macro Pro Lens

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Olloclip's award-winning Macro Pro Lens is a durable, high-quality piece that slides over your phone's camera to turn your iPhone into a macro-taking masterpiece.

The clip includes three types of lenses: the Macro 7x, which works well for capturing smaller details with slightly increased magnification, the Macro 14x, which is so powerful that you can make out single threads on your shirt, and the Macro 21x which can achieve nearly 100x magnification, when coupled with the iPhone's digital zoom.

While the Olloclip is able to fit some slim phone cases, best practice is to shoot without a case altogether to ensure you get the clearest images. You might also find some issues using the Olloclip on your phone with a screen-protector, so try using it with and without to see what works best for you — keeping in mind the closer the external lens is to the phone lens, the better.

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Mobile macro lens band

Probably the most foolproof type of macro lens to install and use, the Mobile macro lens band works by securing itself via a rubber band around your iPhone.

While the 4x magnification isn't as high as other macro lenses, the crisp and clear images it produces prove you don't necessarily need all that zoom to get decent pictures. The lens itself has a magnet to keep in in place, so if you accidentally bump the band, your photo won't be askew.

To store the macro band, simply wrap it around a credit card and pop it in your wallet; it's thin enough to fit almost anywhere so you can always have it at the ready for those beautiful macro shots!

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Moment Macro Lens

While it's a bummer that Moment's lenses only work with their phone cases or mounting plate (a much cheaper solution to buying the case), their lenses are held in high-regard for quality, durability, and clarity online – so it's no surprise that their macro lens is a great tool for iPhoneography.

With low distortion qualities and the sharpest glass they could use, Moment's 10x Macro Lens was carefully designed to capture rich textures and detailed materials with just a few quick snapshots.

The lens itself comes with a removeable light diffuser of sorts, which can also act as a space indicator if you're getting to close/not close enough to your subject.

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AUKEY 2-in-1 mini clip-on

Get your macro lens (and a killer fisheye lens) for under $20 from AUKEY. Easy to use, lightweight, and high performing, you'll be shooting all that detail like a pro once you clamp on your AUKEY macro lens.

The 2-in-1 lens kit transforms your iPhone camera to deliver DSLR quality and performance for your pictures. Capture stunning, distortion-free close-ups with this macro lens that simply clamps onto the back or front camera, while also fitting over most cases (even the super bulky ones).

Made with strong aluminum for durability, the AUKEY macro lens is a reliable, inexpensive tool for getting the shot correctly the first time, every time.

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Neewer 60x Zoom LED clip-on

While not technically a macro lens (it's actually a micro lens), the Neewer 60x zoom is clearly designed for getting in close to capture the detail of your subject on a near microscopic level.

Quick and easy to attach to your phone's camera with the detachable clip, the 60x zoom uses a bright LED light to lighten up even the finest details and textures of your picture. Get in tight and snap photos of insects, clothing fibres, and any other tiny little details you can think of. Works with almost any phone case, though we recommend shooting without a case so that the lens is as close to your iPhone camera as possible.

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What's your pick?

Let us know in the comments which macro lens is your favorite to use and why! Happy macro-ing!

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