Best Phone Grips for Pride Month iMore 2022

It's Pride Month! Lend your support and share the pride with a new phone grip that also makes a statement. We love phone grips that help us keep a firm grasp on our smartphone while also remaining pocketable. These are our favorite Pride Month themed grips this year.

Pride 2020

Popsockets Equality Gloss Render Cropped

We're all equal: PopSockets Equality Gloss

Staff Pick

Combine the mathematical symbol to indicate equality with the colors of the rainbow flag, and you have our favorite phone grip this year. This is a PopSocket PopGrip, so it has a swappable top. We adore PopSockets for their simplicity and utility. This mount-compatible phone grip gives you a handle to hold your phone in any position and serves as a stand when you want to go hands-free.

$10 at Popsockets
Handl Phone Grip Render Cropped

A rainbow handle: HANDLStick New York LGBTQ Pride Flag

A HANDLstick is a smartphone stand and grip that attaches to the back of your phone or phone case. The elastic brace slips through your fingers, giving you a secure natural grip on your device. It also works as a kickstand that can flip between portrait and landscape mode when you need to be hands-free. This HANDLstick features a bright rainbow flag on the back and comes in black or white.

$18 at HANDL
Love Wins Pride Phone Holder Render Cropped

Love always: Love Wins Phone Holder

Convenient in purpose and bold in its message, the Love Wins phone holder from Purposely Designed gives you comfortable finger holds that make it easier to grasp your device securely. It pops, tilts, and props up your phone during use. When collapsed, it remains small enough to slide in a pocket or purse. Use the Love Wins holder hands-free, as a holder for your phone, or slip it into compatible phone mounts in your car.

$13 at Purposely Designed
Coolgrips Pride Phone Grip Render Cropped

Mount your phone to any surface: Coolgrips Magnetic Pride Pinwheel Grip

The vivid Pride pinwheel on Coolgrips' magnetic phone holder is a showstopper. Combine the good looks with the unique functionality, and you have a winner. Coolgrips has a magnet embedded in the holder so you can mount your phone to any magnetic surface. Stick your phone to the refrigerator when reading a recipe or making a grocery list or add it to any metal car mount. It's genius! Coolgrips are comfortable to handhold, and the grip collapses when not in use.

$10 at Coolgrips
Queer Raon Phone Holder Render Cropped

All the colors of the rainbow: QueerRaon Phone Grip

It's a phone grip, phone stand, and an excellent selfie holder. Meet the Queer Phone Grip from QueerRaon. This grip fastens to your phone or phone case with strong double-sided adhesive. The shiny rainbow brightens up any phone and really pops against black cases and smartphones. This grip is easy on the hands and is useable on its own or as a kickstand so you can go hands-free anywhere.

$4 at Etsy
Popsockets I Am Proud Render Cropped

Say it loud, say it proud: PopSockets I Am Proud

Speak your mind and show your pride with this tasteful phone grip from PopSockets. You choose the color of the accordion and the base. Match colors with your phone or your case or choose something that stands out. This is a PopGrip, meaning it has a swappable top. PopSockets give you a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap clear photos, or watch videos and movies hands-free by propping the grip up on a flat surface.

$10 at PopSockets
Artsadd Pride Month Phone Grip Render Cropped

Artfully designed: Artsadd Geometric Gay Pride Air Smart Phone Holder

Air Smartphone holders from Artsadd enhance the grip of any smartphone and work as kickstands so you can watch videos or movies hands-free. The Geometric Gay Pride Air Smart sticks to the backside of any phone and pops up during use, so your hands get a much-needed break. The design is tasteful and subtle, and this phone grip lets you hold your phone in any position with more confidence.

$14 at Artsadd
Heart To Heart Phone Grip Render Cropped

Trump done right: Hearts 2 Hearts Make America Gay Again Phone Grip

In a not-so-subtle play on words, Hearts 2 Hearts gives us the "Make America Gay Again" pop up phone grip. It's an original work of art, and we love it. Stick this to the back of your phone, pop it up to text one-handed, scroll social media more comfortably, and retain a firm grasp on your device while taking photos. This fun offering is also useable as a kickstand.

$16 at Etsy
Popsockets Queer Af Phone Grip Render Cropped

Be bold: PopSockets Queer AF Phone Grip

There's no need to mince words when you rock the Queer AF grip from PopSockets. Make a statement and get a solid hold on your device at the same time with PopSockets. From the PopGrip line, this model has a swappable top so that you can change the lid and the look anytime you please. And like all PopSockets, this grip is repositionable, mount compatible, and works handheld or as a stand.

$10 at PopSockets
Pride Ring Phone Grip Render Cropped

Stick a finger in it: Flagtastic Heart-shaped Pride Flag Ring

The heart-shaped Rainbow Pride Flat Phone Ring Stand is an excellent choice for those who want something that looks a little different. Unlike grips that pop up, this one from Flagtastic comes with an attached ring. Slide your forefinger or middle finger through the ring to stabilize your phone while it's in your hands or use the ring to prop your device on a flat surface.

$11 at Zazzle
Popsockets Pride 2020 Render Cropped

Old school cool: PopSockets Pride 2020

Retro in font and design, the PopSockets Pride 2020 phone grip comes from the PopGrip family. Swap out the top with a different one any time you like or speak your pride year-round. Like other PopSocket PopGrips, this model is useable handheld or as a standalone stand. It's also car mount and wireless charging compatible.

$10 at PopSockets
Lovehandle Rainbow Phone Grip Render Cropped

Get a handle on your phone: LoveHandle Rainbow Phone Grip

LoveHandles are made in America and are high-quality fabric straps. Slide one or two fingers through the strap, and suddenly you can text with a single hand, take cleaner selfies, and get some serious work done without having to focus on hanging on to your phone. This thin strap secures with 3M adhesive strips and sticks tight to cases and phones without leaving residue behind. If you don't need a kickstand-style grip, we love the low-profile functional strap from Lovehandle.

$10 at LoveHandle

Get your pride on

We love our phone grips! Whether you want to go hands-free with a kickstand-style grip or need something to help you hang on to your smartphone, we have the goods. Our favorite Pride Month grip this year is the PopSockets Equality Gloss. Choose from six accordion and base colors to customize the look, and you'll walk away with one of the best grips, and hands-free stands your money can buy.

If you'd like a phone grip with a little more reach, we dig the LGBTQ Pride Flag HANDLStick. It fits any phone or case, is comfortable to hold, and also works as a kickstand in portrait or landscape mode.

If you don't need a kickstand, the Rainbow Phone Grip from LoveHandle is a bright, fun way to keep your phone safe while in use. Slide a finger through the strap, and you'll instantly gain rock-steady stability.

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