Best Phone Grips for Pride Month in 2020

Hero Popsockets
Hero Popsockets (Image credit: PopSockets)

It's Pride Month! Lend your support and share the pride with a new phone grip that also makes a statement. We love phone grips that help us keep a firm grasp on our smartphone while also remaining pocketable. These are our favorite Pride Month themed grips this year.

Get your pride on

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We love our phone grips! Whether you want to go hands-free with a kickstand-style grip or need something to help you hang on to your smartphone, we have the goods. Our favorite Pride Month grip this year is the PopSockets Equality Gloss. Choose from six accordion and base colors to customize the look, and you'll walk away with one of the best grips, and hands-free stands your money can buy.

If you'd like a phone grip with a little more reach, we dig the LGBTQ Pride Flag HANDLStick. It fits any phone or case, is comfortable to hold, and also works as a kickstand in portrait or landscape mode.

If you don't need a kickstand, the Rainbow Phone Grip from LoveHandle is a bright, fun way to keep your phone safe while in use. Slide a finger through the strap, and you'll instantly gain rock-steady stability.

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