Best iPhoneography gear for kids

Cella using an iPhone with a lens accessory
Cella using an iPhone with a lens accessory (Image credit: iMore)

Forget spending big bucks on a point-and-shoot or DSLR – getting kids involved with iPhoneography is a great way to encourage creativity, getting active, exploring the world outside the house, and more! All it takes is a few gadgets to get them started shooting with an iPhone.

Durable Phone Case

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Even the most experienced phoneographers are at risk of dropping and damaging their gear. Some companies, like BitPlay, have put together phone cases that are specially designed for phone photographers, which secure external lenses better, have additional rubber padding, and even add grips so you feel like you're shooting with a camera.

However, fancy accessories like this aren't necessarily necessary; all you need is a durable iPhone case for you and your kid! It doesn't need to be the most expensive case on the planet, but it should be shock-absorbent. If you can invest in a screen protector too, that's a bonus.

Keep in mind that if your kid's iPhoneography passion grows, their case might start to get annoying. What does this mean? Well, plenty of external lenses work with magnetic rings that are fastened directly to the device with adhesive. A thick case will render them useless, and you'll have to pull the phone in and out of its case to magnetize and attach your lenses. Subsequently, a product like the Olloclip, which claims to fit over most thin cases, doesn't work with a thicker case (and, to be fair, doesn't work with some thin protective cases).

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External Lenses

While lenses for DSLR cameras can cost an arm and a leg (and, chances are you won't want your kids playing with them as they run around your neighborhood), external lenses for the iPhone can be relatively inexpensive, depending on the type your kid is interested in. There are magnetic, clamp-on/bands, and phone case lenses to choose from, but for kid photography, stick to the phone case lenses for the most security.

These are by far the best options if you want to keep your lenses and your iPhone secure while your kid is running around shooting. Phone case lenses normally come in a pack with a specialized case to mount to. They can be screwed and tightened on, or snapped into place. This keeps the lenses super secure, as they cannot fall off the phone without taking off the case.

Unfortunately, good-quality cases like this can get pretty costly, and buying a cheap knockoff would probably end with your kid dropping your phone, and your lenses shattering.

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Color Filters

Color Filters

Sure, Instagram filters are fun, and VSCO gives us some beautiful options to tint your photos, but IRL color filters are customizable and so much more creative (and you don't need to worry about your kids messing up the Feng Shui of your social media accounts).

Color filters can be super inexpensive (you can even make your own) or quite pricey, but you don't need to spend a lot on them to get some cool, memorable effects. The Phone-O-Chrome is a dynamic, multi-colored filter that produces beautiful tints to apply to iPhoneography pics.

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Backup Battery

Chances are, your kids will be so involved with their new iPhoneography passion, they won't notice your iPhone battery is teetering on one percent. Snapping pictures all day with your phone is bound to drain the battery, and if you and your kids are taking turns setting up shots, playing with settings, or taking time-lapse videos, the battery will be sucked dry very quickly.

Invest in a backup battery pack to keep your phone charged and at the ready. Your kid will never again have to worry about draining the battery or missing a shot because the phone is almost dead. If you're looking for a truly awesome backup battery for your little one, check out Jackery's Premium battery. While this one comes in orange, there are quite a few that come in other fun colors.

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What do your kids use?

Now that we've run down the list of must-haves for kid iPhoneography, is there something we might have missed? Let us know what you and your kids use when you're out making some iPhoneography magic!

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