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The best camera is the one you have with you. For most of us, that's the iPhone we carry in our pocket each day. You probably don't need a flashy, expensive digital camera unless you're shooting professionally. The iPhone 13 has an impressive telephoto lens, which means this year's iPhone can do more than ever. Whether you're snapping photos with the new iPhone 13 or using an older model, these are the best iPhone photography accessories your money can buy.

Xenvo Lens Kit Render Cropped

Specialty lenses: Xenvo Pro Lens Kit - Macro and Wide Angle lens

Staff Pick

iPhone camera lenses are incredible, but even pros change up their lenses to get the shot. The Xenvo Pro Lens Kit comes with a macro lens for closeups and selfies and a wide-angle clip-on lens for architecture and landscape photos. In addition to the two lenses, this bundle comes with a mini rechargeable LED light, charging cable, lanyard, and a cleaning cloth.

$45 at Amazon
Kodak Step Wireless Printer Render Cropped

A portable printer: Kodak Step wireless mobile photo mini printer

Yep, we all love to share our photos on social media, but sometimes you want to print out a picture or two to stick to the fridge, your locker, or to send to a friend. The Kodak Step is one of the best photo printers for iPhone. It connects to your phone or iPad via Bluetooth or NFC, allowing you to print photos in seconds.

Ubeesize Selfie Light Render Cropped

Shine a light: UBeesize selfie ring light & tripod

Go hands-free with one of our favorite ring lights for selfies. The UBeesize 10-inch selfie ring light kit and tripod is the current tool of choice of YouTubers, live streamers, makeup artists, and those who have perfected the art of the selfie. You get eleven levels of brightness and three-color tones from this light, plus an adjustable tripod and remote so you don't have to fiddle with your phone while streaming or snapping.

Dji Om 5 Render Cropped

Keep video steady: DJI OM 5 smartphone gimbal

Taking video on a smartphone is convenient but usually disappointing. And that's because you move when you film, leading to motion sickness-inducing footage. You'll steady your shots with the DJI OM 5, one of the best phone gimbals this year. The OM 5 is a 3-axis smartphone gimbal stabilizer that fits all iPhones. Hold the DJI OM 5 while you're running, or stand it up on the ground or a desk for rock-steady video. This souped-up model has gesture control, active tracking, and ShotGuides, so you're guaranteed to get the shot.

Bluehorn Selfie Stick Render Cropped

Get the perfect angle: Bluehorn 40-inch selfie stick

Love them or hate them, selfie sticks are a useful piece of photography gear. Our favorite is this model from Bluehorn. The pole extends to 40-inches, has attachable tripod legs, and fits all iPhones and Android devices. The kit comes with a built-in rechargeable wireless remote, so you don't have to mess around in iOS's menu system to capture shots.

Ivisii G2 Render Cropped

Pro lighting: IVISII G2 pocket RGB camera light

Good lighting is what separates pros from amateurs. The IVISII G2 is a pocket-sized portable light with a 4300mAh rechargeable battery. Light levels range from 2600-10,000K and are fully adjustable. This kit comes with a mini tripod to mount your iPhone next to the light, the light panel, and all the necessary hardware to put this on the hot shoe of your DSLR or mirrorless camera.

$73 at Amazon
Joby Gorillapod Vlogging Kit Render Cropped

A vlogging kit: JOBY GorillaPod mobile vlogging kit - Black/Red

Content creators cannot go wrong with the impressive JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging Kit. This rig comes with a tripod, smartphone holder, a Beamo mini LED light, and a Wavo mobile mic. It's everything you need for vlogging, making videos for YouTube, or creating professional-looking social media content. This kit is light, customizable, and helps you shoot crisp audio and video.

Auxiwa Clip On Light Render Cropped

A portable selfie light: Auxiwa clip-on selfie ring light

The right lighting can turn an amateur image and a professional portrait. Most photography lights are big, heavy, and expensive. The Auxiwa clip-on selfie ring light has 36 built-in LEDs that softly illuminate your face for a flawless studio look, and it's small enough to tuck in your pocket. This light has a rechargeable battery and works with any smartphone.

$14 at Amazon
Moment Iphone13 Pro Case Render Cropped

Just for the iPhone 13 Pro: Moment case for iPhone 13 Pro - Black

Moment iPhone cases are made for photographers. They feature a rubberized body and textured back grip that keeps your phone safe from falls, a spot for a wrist strap (sold separately), and cutouts that perfectly fit Moment M-series lenses. This is a Moment case is for the iPhone 13 Pro, but you can grab one for whatever iPhone you own.

Iphone Photography For Dummies Render Cropped

Learning material: iPhone Photography for Dummies

Apple includes an anemic manual with iPhones. This iPhone Photography for Dummies book makes up for the lack of info from Apple. The author teaches you how to adjust camera settings, create memorable landscapes, capture action shots, and how to edit your photos. If you've ever wanted to get more out of your iPhone camera, this is the book for you.

Magicfiber Cloths Render Cropped

Protect your gear: MagicFiber microfiber cleaning cloths - Multi-packs

Dust, dirt, pocket lint, and debris collect on your iPhone's lenses and screen all day long. Safely clean camera lenses and screens with MagicFiber Microfiber cleaning cloths. Microfiber absorbs oils and removes dirt, fingerprints, and dust without scratching the delicate glass. This six-pack from MagicFiber is a steal and one of the best iPhone photography accessories.

Yogre Diving Case Render Cropped

Snap underwater photos: YOGRE iPhone diving phone case

Now you can take underwater photos and video without worrying about trashing your iPhone. With broad compatibility, the YOGRE fits all iPhones and many Android phones. It's waterproof down to 50 feet and comes with a thick DSLR-like handle, so it's comfortable to hold. There's even a quarter-inch screw on the bottom for monopods, tripods, and stabilizers.

$46 at Amazon
Denicmic Iphone Card Reader Render Cropped

Backup and transfer photos: DenicMic SD CF card reader

There's no need to pay for extra space with iCloud when you have a DenicMic card reader. This pocketable reader works with SD, CF, and TF memory cards, transferring photos and videos at 14MB/s. Grab this for your iPhone and iPad, and you can backup pics and video to a card or transfer photos from your camera or trail cam directly to your iPhone for editing.

$29 at Amazon
Gosky Titan Monocular Render Cropped

Get a close-up view: Gosky Titan 12x50 high power prism monocular

If you're a birdwatcher, hunter, or like to hone in on action from afar, there's nothing like the Gosky Titan 12x50 high power prism monocular. It holds your iPhone in place, fitting right over the camera while giving you a close-up view of animals, scenery, and even your kid's baseball game on your iPhone screen.

A few parting thoughts

iPhones take beautiful photos. Even if you don't fancy yourself a competent photographer, there are plenty of helpful tips out there to help improve your skills. Accessories help too.

One of the best iPhone photography accessories is the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit. It comes with a macro lens, a wide-angle lens, an LED light, a charger, and a lanyard. This kit helps you capture realistic-looking close-ups and sprawling landscapes without breaking your budget.

When you want to print photos, you need the Kodak Step. It's a portable printer small enough to fit in your pocket, and it prints stunning pics from your phone or tablet in seconds. And if you want to learn how to use your iPhone's camera, grab a paperback copy of the iPhone Photography for Dummies book. It's packed with all the information you need to get the most out of your camera.

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