Lenses and tripods and gadgets, oh my! As iPhoneography (the unofficial term for iPhone photography) popularity picks up speed with social media enthusiasts, pro photographers, and everyone in between, it seems like there are always new and interesting photography gadgets coming out for your iPhone.

Because the iPhone has such a beautiful, high-quality camera already, it doesn't take much to bring your phone pictures to life with a few additional accessories.

Check out some of the best photography gadgets for you iPhone!

Prynt Pocket

If you're someone who was a big fan of the original Prynt case, then you're going to really love the all-new Prynt Pocket.

The original Prynt case was an amazing, fun, super well-made mobile printer that brought a little bit of Harry Potter magic to your photos; essentially after you snap your picture and print it out, the Prynt case will automatically record a little bit of video before and after, so when you scan the photo with your iPhone, the video will play in the photo frame right on your screen.

One downside to the Prynt was the fact that it only fit one specific iPhone model at a time; if you upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 Plus, then you'd have to look into getting new housing so that your iPhone fits the Prynt, which is just a huge unnecessary pain in the butt.

With the new Prynt Pocket, you can print photos from an iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5 — so as long as your iPhone has a Lightning port, you're golden!

You can pick up the Prynt Pocket for around $150.

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SNAP! PRO All-In-One Set

SNAP! PRO All-In-One Set

There are five features that truly separate the SNAP! PRO from other basic iPhone photography cases and make the nearly $290 price tag worth it:

  1. The durable case comes with an external shutter button on the lower lefthand side, making shooting a lot more natural, as it feels like a point-and-shoot camera.

  2. The interchangeable lens system works simply by screwing and unscrewing the lenses to the case itself, meaning there's no risk of sticky residue like some iPhone lenses leave or the risk of having your lenses slip off like some magnetic models. With the All-In-One Set, you get fisheye, macro, wide angle, telephoto, Circular Polarlizer (CPL), ultra wide angle, and full-frame fisheye lens options, along with a bag to store them all.

  3. The interchangeable ergonomic grip allows users to have a better grasp of their iPhone while shooting photos, but is also removable for the times when you're not in photographer mode (the case itself is very pretty to look at, so you're not losing anything by removing the grip).

  4. The case also includes a thread hole for mounting your phone directly to a tripod, meaning you don't need an additional adaptor to keep your phone secured and steady. The tripod thread hole is embedded in the grip of the case, which makes setting up time-lapse shots a breeze!

  5. The SNAP! PRO case has a soft rubber bumper layer that protects your device and will help absorb any additional shock that may come from dropping your iPhone mid-shot. This is key because, if you drop your phone with the lenses attached, you lower your chances of shattering your screen and your lens.

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The Smartphone Spy Lens

The Smartphone Spy Lens

Shakespeare once said, "Though she be but little, she is fierce," and that certainly applies to Photojojo's super cool Smartphone Spy Lens.

This tiny gadget is secured to your phone with a series of magnets (Photojojo's choice of fastening most of their iPhoneography lenses) that then allows you to snap pictures at a 90° angle. This means you can hold your phone like you're texting, but you'll be snapping sneaky pics straight ahead!

Embarrassed about taking beautiful food shots for social media because you're climbing over your plate for the right angle? Camera-shy friends that you know look amazing but refuse to let you snap a pic? All of these things are now possible with a $20 Smartphone Spy Lens in your pocket.

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Manfrotto SMT LED Light with Tripod Mount

Manfrotto SMT LED Light with Tripod Mount

Shine a light on even your most dismal, dark photography subjects with Manfrotto's SMRT LED Light with Tripod mount.

Manfrotto's new portable and lightweight design features an LED light with a 60 degree beam angle and a luminance of 225 lumens (simply put: it guarantees very bright, highly detailed images in low-light conditions without over-brightening a shot). The light, which retails for around $43, is dimmable with three different intensity settings, and can be recharged with a USB connector. Even though this model only works with the iPhone 5, there are plenty of other Manfrotto lights and cases that are compatible with the iPhone 6.

But, don't forget about the tripod mount! Manfrotto's LED light comes with a built-in mount with a quarter-inch thread at the bottom, which means your shots will be much more stable (along with being beautifully lit). You also should keep in mind that this light works hand-in-hand with Manfrotto's case, not independently.

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Selfy iPhone Case

Selfy iPhone Case

But first: Lemme take a selfie (and then show you Selfy's iPhone case)!

2014 may have been declared the year of the selfie, but the trend of self-loving snapshots has continued in full force across social media. That's why Selfy's iPhone case is not only perfect for selfies and selfie-addicts alike but group shots, distance shots, and more.

This $40 shock-absorbent case comes with a narrow slide-out Bluetooth remote (so you don't have to worry about downloading any pesky apps) and works with your standard camera function to snap your pictures. Then, when you're done with the remote, simply snap is back into your case. Don't worry about remembering to turn the remote on and off. After a minute of activity, the remote goes into standby mode, and after five minutes, it shuts off completely.

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Olloclip 4-in-1

Olloclip 4-in-1

While most lenses have to physically stick or magnetize to your phone in order to take the best pictures, the Olloclip 4-in-1 simply slides over the top portion of your phone and will even fit over most cases. With a $79 price tag, it's a great piece of equipment without a jillion small parts and it doesn't feel like it will break if you drop it like some other, more delicate lenses (I'm lookin' your way, Aduro 3-in-1).

The clip comes with the standard three lens sizes, with one lens for your front-facing/selfie camera, and one for your rear-facing camera. The Olloclip adjusts to fit over most thinner cases and can quickly and easily be removed without any residue that an adhesive may leave.

The fish-eye and wide-angle lenses can be unscrewed and repositioned depending on whichever camera you want to shoot with, so you don't always have to keep pulling the device off your phone and switching it around. You can also remove these lenses for a chance to use the device's macro settings for super clear close-up shots.

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JOBY GorillaPod

JOBY GorillaPod

Bend, twist, and hang your iPhone from every height and angle with the help of the JOBY GorillaPod Original.

While most tripods are rigid and difficult to carry around, the GorillaPod works with flexible legs for extremely easy storage. The device also weighs around 45.3 grams, making it the perfect lightweight companion for your mobile phone photography adventures.

Using its flexible design, the GorillaPod can also be twisted and secured to most non-traditional surfaces, so you can get photos that you may have thought you couldn't reach. Wrap your GorillaPod around a tree branch for a steady nature shot, or secure it to a light post for some high-angle fun – the possibilities are endless!

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What are your favorites?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, it seems like there are always new photography accessories coming out for the iPhone.

Are there any we missed that you cannot possibly live without? Leave us some suggestions in the comments below!

Updated June 2017: The Prynt Pocket case has been added to the list of stellar iPhone photography accessories.

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