Best Screen Protectors for iPhone 7 Plus iMore 2022

Taking excellent care of your tech is the key to hanging onto it longer. Using a good screen protector helps keep your older phone looking pristine. The iPhone 7 Plus has so much screen to love, but that also means it has so much more screen to scuff and scratch up. Invest in a good screen protector, though, and you'll be right as rain. Note that the iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 8 Plus screens are the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus, so screen protectors are interchangeable between those three models.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 8 Plus and 7 Plus

Easy install: Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector Two-Pack

Staff Pick

When I worked at the Apple Store, I regularly installed screen protectors on customers' iPhones, but I would never have attempted it without the machine we had at the store for easy installation. Spigen's Tempered Glass Screen Protector comes with its own installation device, which is as close to the machine I used at Apple that I've found for home use. Just clean your iPhone 7 Plus screen thoroughly, place the screen protector in Spigen's device, and voila! A perfect, nearly effortless installation.

In addition to the installation device, you get two tempered glass screen protectors rated at 9H hardness. The screen protectors have zero-lag 3D touch response. There is room around the edges for compatibility with just about any phone case.

$11 at Amazon
LK Screen Protector IPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 Plus

Great value: LK Screen Protector Three-Pack

For one low price, you get three tempered glass screen protectors plus an installation frame. This installation frame is just what it sounds like, a simple frame that you place on your iPhone 7 Plus before you install the screen protector. The frame guides installation so you can place it correctly on the first try.

Each screen protector is scratch-resistant, oleophobic, fingerprint-resistant, and rated 9H hardness. The screen protector is responsive and doesn't interfere with 3D touch. If you remove the screen protector, there is no residue left behind. LK offers a lifetime warranty on their screen protectors.

$8 at Amazon
amFilm screen protector

3D Touch-compatible: amFilm Tempered Glass Two-Pack

The amFilm tempered glass screen protector is 3D Touch-compatible, so you won't risk cracking it or creating bubbles when you press firmly. In fact, tempered glass is essentially shatter-proof, so though it may spider web and crack, the pieces will just come off in harmless, dull bits, instead of razor-sharp shards, keeping your screen and your hands slice-and-dice-free.

These protectors are covered with an oleophobic coating, which repels the oils from your hands to keep your screen fingerprint-free (so you can go to town on Candy Crush while dining on the finest bucket of KFC).

The amFilm protector is just about as clear as it gets, so you shouldn't even notice it's there, and it comes in a two-pack, just in case the first one doesn't go on so easily, or you're buying for the family. Included are wet/dry wipes, dust removal stickers, a squeeze card, and an installation and user guide.

$8 at Amazon
Maxboost screen protector iPhone 7 Plus

Ultra-thin: Maxboost Tempered Glass Two-Pack

Maxboost boasts the "world's thinnest" tempered glass screen protector, at just 0.2mm (most are 0.3mm), so you'll never lose touch sensitivity, nor will you even really notice that this protector is there.

Maxboost's tempered glass screen protector is perfect for folks who like to use a case with their iPhone 7 Plus since they leave a little "case-friendly spacing" around the edges.

With a hydrophobic and oleophobic layer on top, this screen protector will stay clean, so that you don't have to carry around a microfiber cloth.

Comes in a pack of two and features a lifetime "no-hassle" warranty, so if anything goes wrong (bubbles, breakage), let Maxboost know, and they'll replace it for free.

$8 at Amazon
IQ Shield LiQuid Skin

Smart Film: IQ Shield LiQuid Skin

The best in the biz for film screen protectors, IQ Shield's LiQuid Skin is your best option if you're not in the market for tempered glass. These screen protectors are made of a single layer of film that blends all the qualities you'd find in a multi-layered screen protector into one strong and durable film.

IQ Shield classifies these protectors as "smart film," since they seamlessly bond to your iPhone 7 Plus' screen and have a self-healing property that seals up minor scratches as though they never happened.

Like any good screen protector, LiQuid Skin is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty, so if you're not satisfied, you let IQ Shield know, and a new one will be on its way to you.

$8 at Amazon
Supershieldz iPhone screen protector

PET film: Supershieldz HD Film Screen Protector Six-Pack

If you're not a fan of the tempered glass variety of screen protector, Supershieldz makes a top-notch film protector that comes with a lifetime replacement warranty. It's got edge-to-edge protection with a film that is made from five layers of scratch-resistant polymer, a protective hardened mask, and a silicone gel that helps it cling to your screen to reduce bubbling. It's got iPhone 7 Plus-specific cutouts for the front-facing camera and speaker, as well as the Home button. Because it is a film protector, you won't ever have issues with 3D Touch compatibility.

The best part about the Supershieldz film screen protector is the price. You can get a six-pack of them for less than the price of the average tempered glass version.

$6 at Amazon

Which one should you get?

I'm a big fan of Spigen's Tempered Glass Screen Protector because of the ease of installation. If you can't get the screen protector installed properly if it's crooked and gets in the way of the home button or your case, what good is it? Perfect application is a breeze with Spigen's installation kit, plus you get two screen protectors so you can share it with a friend.

If you prefer a non-glass option, or just a cheaper option, Supershieldz HD Film Screen Protector Six-Pack is the way to go. It costs less than most of the glass options, and you get six screen protectors, enough to share with the whole family.

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