Best Selfie Sticks for your iPhone in 2022

Love 'em, hate 'em, or ban 'em, the selfie stick has definitely left its footprint on our modern world and pop culture.

Whether they're your favorite tool during your vacation or a piece of your iPhoneography arsenal, shooting with a selfie stick can have its creative advantages, and it seems like every selfie stick has its own special features nowadays.

Here are some of the best selfie sticks to check out if you want to snap selfies in style!

MPOW Selfie Stick

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Pocket-sized, powerful, and perfect for selfies, the MPOW Selfie Stick selfie stick is a Bluetooth selfie stick designed to make taking pictures easy and fun!

The MPOW Selfie Stick is super simple to use: just pair your iPhone with your selfie stick via Bluetooth, extend the stick to the perfect length, and you're good to go! The stick comes with a 270 degree adjustable head and folds up into a convenient 7.1 inch long package for easy carrying and travel (but be careful not to use it where selfie sticks are banned...)

Though the MPOW Selfie Stick is small, the stick itself extends up to 31.5 inches and comes with a wrist strap for additional stability. Depending on your sense of selfie style, you can pick up the MPOW Selfie Stick in pink, blue, or black for around $10.

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Selfie World Monopod

If you're looking for a selfie stick that'll fit around your bulky iPhone case and be built precisely enough to help support your iPhone and get you the perfect mobile snapshot, then we recommend taking a peek at the Selfie World Monopod.

This highly rated selfie stick goes for around $10. The mount is padded with a soft silicone to keep your iPhone from getting scratched or damaged, while a spring-loaded mount opens to over 4inches wide, so even if you have a crazy big phone case, you should have a been more luck snapping selfies with the Selfie World Monopod.

This particular stick comes in both blue and black and works via Bluetooth and a small remote shutter that connects effortlessly with your iPhone. The best part? You can use the remote separately from the selfie stick itself to set up other cool shots and get creative!

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Keep your selfie stick looking stylish and simple with the Cliquefie Max and Mini's unique, minimalistic design!

The Cliquefie comes with a wireless remote shutter and a durable, extendable arm, while the Max model comes with a built in tripod that extends out of the bottom of the stick, while the mini comes with a standard tripod thread. The sticks range between $30 and $50.

After connecting your Cliquefie via Bluetooth, simply slide in your iPhone and set up the selfie stick wherever you want. The remote shutter works up to 30 feet from the stick, and with the Max model, you're able to simply pop the remote back into the stick itself via magnets when you're done using it.

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It's an iPhone case! No, it's a selfie stick! Wait... it's... it's both? (My train of thought when I first saw the Stikbox)

The Stikbox is for the seasoned selfie-taker: the person who always needs their selfie stick on them at all times, whether they're snapping a group shot at a party, an arial shot of a crazy music festival, or even just a killer Instagram pick of that burger they ate yesterday — and it let's you do this buy literally giving you access to a selfie stick right on your iPhone case!

At full-length, the Stikbox extends to around 20 inches, but when it's folded up, it fits to the size of your iPhone. The stick portion of the Stikbox comes with a fully automated Bluetooth trigger and is made from a tough yet lightweight aluminum.

The case itself seems like it would be bulky, but it's actually considerably thin for what you're getting, and if you're worried about your iPhone breaking off mid-selfie, never fear: a strong enclosure will keep your iPhone secure.

The Stikbox Bluetooth selfie case goes for around $40 and you can pick it up in black, or white, but it is worth noting that the original StikBox, which was started through a crowdfunding website, had constant complaints about the product never being delivered even after people paid for it. That being said, the StikBox that we have linked to is a version of the original.

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Power Theory Selfie Stick

Are you someone who isn't totally sold on the whole Bluetooth selfie stick thing? Don't want to have to charge your dang selfie stick in between parties and get-togethers? Looking to spend under $10 (around $6, to be precise) on a reliable, uncomplicated, selfie stick? Then why not check out the Power Theory Selfie Stick!

This compact selfie stick can easily fit in your purse or pocket, making it great for bringing out on the town. The pole itself extends over 2 feet, while the high-quality clasp promises security so you don't drop and shatter your iPhone as you snap your selfie.

The best part about the Power Theory Selfie Stick? The fact that you don't need to charge it or worry about Bluetooth pairing — just plug the super affordable Power Theory Selfie Stick into your headphone jack (sorry iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users) and start snapping away.

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How do you #selfie?

Is there a selfie stick that you're absolutely obsessed with? Maybe you have a favorite that breaks the mould of what a selfie stick should be?

Let us know your top picks in the comments below!

Updated February 2018: These are still the best selfie sticks on the market!

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