Best solar chargers for your iPhone iMore 2022

Nature is powerful. You can harness all that energy and use it to charge your devices with one of today's best solar chargers for iPhone. The sun's rays can't top off your battery as quickly as a standard wall outlet or usb charging station, but solar chargers are a must-have piece of equipment if you hike, bike long distances, camp, or spend time outdoors. What are the best solar chargers for the iPhone this year? These top our list.

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Qi and USB-C charging: BLAVOR solar charger power bank with Qi

Staff pick

BLAVOR's 10,000mAh solar power bank works with iPhone and USB-C portables and charges in the sun or with a 5V power cord. The BLAVOR is Qi-certified, so you can set your iPhone down on the charger and let it do its business without the need for a charging cable. It charges in six hours and holds enough juice to recharge your iPhone up to three times. The compact BLAVOR also comes with an onboard flashlight and compass.

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Best for your budget: Dizaul 5,000mAh Portable Power Bank

With water-resistant housing, the Dizaul is a 5,000mAh solar power bank that easily makes our list of the best solar chargers for iPhones. Made of eco-friendly silicone rubber, this charger's football grain build is anti-skid and comes with a carabiner to hook over your backpack. There are two USB ports for charging devices, and this model works with iPhones, Android devices, GoPros, GPS units, and more. If you're looking to get the biggest bang for your buck, this is it.

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High capacity: Feeke solar power bank 32800mAh

Charge four devices at once with the powerful Feeke solar charger. Qi wireless charging is built-in, so you don't have to worry about lugging cords around. The 32800 solar power bank is large-capacity, efficiently handling the powering up of multiple devices simultaneously. The Feeke has an IP66 rainproof and shockproof rating, and so it's a good choice for those who want something for the great outdoors.

$49 at Amazon
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Built for the outdoors: Hiluckey solar charger

Hiluckey's classic fold-out panel charges multiple devices simultaneously. With a 25000mAh battery pack, it delivers power quickly over dual 2.1A USB ports. It'll fill your iPhone, iPad, and other USB batteries in record time. And when not in use, it folds into itself for portability.

$47 at Amazon
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Foldable and packable: Anker 21W 2-Port Solar Charger

PowerIQ in this Anker solar charger pushes out 2.4 amps per port and gives you enough juice to simultaneously charge two devices. This rugged charger folds up and fits inside a backpack or bag neatly, and it unfolds to hang over a pack, tent, or even your patio. The thin and lightweight design makes this an excellent choice for hikers and bikers. This model works with the iPhone 7 through iPhone 11 Pro, plus iPads, and other USB-powered devices.

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Four outputs: BLAVOR solar charger power bank

It takes only three hours for an iPhone to fully charge with this BLAVOR 18W solar power bank. It has a 20,000mAh capacity, dual USB ports, two USB-C ports, and does Qi wireless charging. This solar charger is powerful! It can even charge your Macbook Pro. The BLAVOR comes with a built-in flashlight and compass.

$49 at Amazon
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Folds down small: FEELLE Solar Power Bank

The large capacity FEELLE has a 25,000mAH Li-Polymer battery that can charge an iPhone up to 12 times before it needs more time in the sun. The foldable design unpacks into a large sheet with four panels that you can hang off a backpack or tree. When you're ready to move, it folds down into its own carry case. You'll get dual smart USB 5V outputs that are compatible with all USB-C devices.

$44 at Amazon
Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus

Chain panels together: Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus

A built-in kickstand helps you find the optimal positioning for the Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus. This foldable, portable solar panel directly charges your iPhone, GPS units, battery packs, and other small devices. With 28W power output, an LED indicator, USB and 8mm power pack ports, the Goal Zero offers everything you need in a solar charger. You can also chain multiple Nomad panels together to increase wattage output. Now that's cool!

$225 at Amazon
X-DRAGON solar power bank

Lots of power: X-DRAGON Portable Solar Charger

The X-Dragon is a 40W solar panel charger that's water-resistant and safety protected. It includes 10 laptop connectors, a DC cable, carabiners, and USB cables. Built with a smart IC chip, the X-DRAGON automatically adjusts current voltage for maximum power delivery. The X-DRAGON shoots out 2.8A when under direct sunlight and has a USB port and 18V DC output, so it charges your iPhone and your PC or MacBook.

$120 at Amazon

What's the best solar charger for iPhone?

Using the sun to charge your mobile devices is an Earth-friendly approach that pays for itself. Keep in mind; solar power should never be the only power source you take on the road. Sketchy weather or even cloudy skies can prohibit efficient charging. However, it's great if you want to be more environmentally friendly or are camping or hiking.

My top pick comes from BLAVOR. It's a lightweight but durable portable charger that recharges your iPhone via Qi or USB-C and won't put a dent in your wallet. It's also small enough to fit in a backpack or your back pocket.

If you have multiple devices to charge, or you're heading to the backcountry where you'll be without power, you want the Feeke high-capacity charger. It can power up to four devices at once and has a built-in Qi charger.

If you're looking to save a few bucks, go with the Dizaul Solar Power Bank. It has two USB ports and is compatible with all smartphones, GoPros, GPS units, and more. And have you seen that price?

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