Best Solar Chargers for your iPhone iMore 2020

These awesome products allow you to use the power of the sun to charge your iPhone and other mobile devices. Alas, remember the Sun will not charge a solar battery bank/charger as quickly as a wall outlet. You will have to be patient with these.

Football grain design: Dizaul

Staff favorite

With a water-resistant design, this 5000mAh solar charger by Dizual is shock-proof and includes a hook so you can carry it on your backpack.

$20 at Amazon

Colorful choice: Voltaic Systems Amp

Available in charcoal, silver, and orange, this 4000mAh rapid solar charger weighs just 1.1 pounds and is ideal for charging on the go.

$59 at Amazon

Lots of power: X-DRAGON

The X-Dragon is a 40W solar panel charger that's water-resistant and safety protected. It includes 10 laptop connectors, DC cable, USB cables, and more.

$115 at Amazon

Non-nonsense, foldable design: Goal Zero Nomad 7

Offering a foldable, rugged design, the Nomad 7 is weather-resistant and includes three ports for simultaneous charging.

$80 at Amazon

Practical design: RAVPower

This shockproof 10000mAh charger comes with LED that turns it into a flashlight. It can charge your iPhone up to three times before needing more juice.

$30 at Amazon

Hook 'em: ECEEN ECC-626

With a unique design made with high-quality polyester, this 13W universal foldable solar charger comes with dual USB.

$40 at Amazon

Lightweight and Portable: 1_5 Solar Paper and Pouch

Offering ultra-high-efficiency charging in a solar paper design, this device is expandable using magnets. Super portable, it weighs just 4.5 ounces.

$148 at Amazon

Campers, unite: JETSUN

The JETSUN device offers dual USB ports with two built-in LED torches. The outdoor product features wear-resistant plastic that's shockproof/dustproof.

$28 at Amazon

Drip, drip

Using solar power to charge your mobile devices is an Earth-friendly approach. However, even the best solar chargers and banks will take a while to provide enough energy for a full charge. This is why many also allow you to charge the device the old fashioned way with a wall outlet.

The Dizaul is a great choice for those looking for a powerful, yet inexpensive option. The RAVPower gets the job done too, as does the unique 1_5 Solar Paper and Pouch. Regardless, we recommend everyone above.

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