Best Wall Chargers if you Own Multiple iPhones or iPads

If you own multiple iPhones, iPads, and other devices, you know it can be a pain in the ass to charge them all at the same time. Each device comes with its own wall charger, which in turn takes up a power outlet, meaning you're running around trying to figure out what other objects you can afford to unplug to charge up all your devices.

Stop worrying about the number of open outlets you have available and get yourself a wall charger that can accommodate all your devices at once! Here are our favorite wall chargers for people who own multiple iPhones and iPads.

Anker 4-Port USB wall charger

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Anker has always put out stellar phone and tablet accessories, and the Anker 4-Port USB wall charger is no exception.

About the same width as the iPad wall charger, this 40W Anker wall charger has four USB ports on the front and plugs directly into any outlet or power bar.

Anker's "PowerIQ" technology will automatically detect what type of device you plug into any of its ports and deliver the appropriate amount of charge to each device. Whether you have one, two, or four devices all charging at once, the Anker 4-Port USB wall charger will adapt on the fly to make sure you're getting the fastest possible charging rate for each device.

The Anker 4-Port USB wall charger was the top pick from The Wirecuttter, and the reviewer was impressed by its ability to charge multiple iPads efficiently.

"With three iPads attached, our ammeters reported 2.3A to 2.35A of current to the iPad Air and 4th-generation iPad. Again, this is normal for a device that can draw 2.4 A once you take into account the electrical resistance from the ammeter. What this means in practical terms is that you can plug in one, two, or three tablets at once and they'll all charge at full speed."

For roughly $50, you'll get the Anker 4-Port USB wall charger, an instruction manual, and an 18-month warranty from Anker.

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Anker 2-Port USB wall charger

If you're just looking for a way to charge your iPad and iPhone at the same time and want to save a little money, the Anker 2-Port USB wall charger could be the best option for you.

This compact two-port wall charger has a folding set of prongs on the back so not only does it plug directly into any outlet, but it also makes it easier to take with you traveling. Plus, the Anker 2-Port USB wall charger is certified for use with 120V or 240V plugs, meaning as long as you have the right adapter, it will work just fine overseas.

You don't have to worry about over-charging your devices, and you know you'll be getting the fastest charge for any device you plug in because Anker has included its "PowerIQ" technology. It will detect what type of device you plug in and adjust its power output to give that device the fastest charge it can.

You can pick up the 24W Anker 2-Port USB wall charger for about $30.

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Skiva 7-Port USB charging station

If you're a real power user or want to have a convenient way to charge not just your devices but the entire family's, then the Skiva 7-Port USB charging station is worth a look.

This 84W outlet with seven USB ports is an absolute beast when it comes to charging all your devices. Each port is capable of delivering 2.4A of power at the same time, meaning you can charge seven iPads at once as quickly as possible — that's a lot of juice!

Something with this much power might be a little intimidating to use; however, you don't need to worry because Skiva has put in over-heat, over-charge, over-current, and over-voltage protection, meaning you can plug your devices in and forget about them!

While this charging station isn't as easy to carry around as some of the other wall chargers we have mentioned here, it only comes in at around $53, making it very affordable for its functionality.

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Belkin SurgePLus mini travel charger

If you're short on outlet space in your home and don't want to cover any up with charging blocks, the Belkin SurgePLus mini travel charger might be the solution for you.

Not only will this wall charger give you two USB ports, but it also has three power outlets along the front, so you can still power other appliances and objects while charger your iPhone or iPad. Furthermore, both the USB ports and the outlets on the Belkin SurgePLus mini travel charger are surge protected, so you can rest easy knowing your devices are safe.

Although the USB ports are only capable of 2.1A power transfer, the Belkin SurgePLus mini travel charger costs less than $20 and comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a perfect product for the penny-pinching crowd!

Which wall chargers do you use?

Let us know how you keep all your devices charged up in the comments down below!

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