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If you're thinking of jumping ship to the iPhone 13 or upgrading to the latest and greatest release, you probably already know it arrives sans wall adapter. That means you need a charger. Most 20W wall adapters work with the iPhone series 13 lineup, but if you're rocking the new iPhone 13 Pro Max, you'll benefit from faster charging with a 30W wall charger. That's because the largest of the iPhones can charge at 27W. What are the best wall chargers for iPhone 13? Here are my favorites.

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Best overall: Apple's 20W USB-C power adapter

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You can't go wrong sticking with Apple's very own 20W USB-C power adapter. Straight from the source, this rectangular charger fits every iPhone from the XS to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. Thanks to its fast, efficient charging, Apple offers one of the best wall chargers for the iPhone 13. It's also compatible with other USB-C devices, including your iPad.

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Most compact: Anker Nano USB-C charger 20W

If you want a small, pocketable charger, grab the Anker USB-C 20W charger and toss it in your cart now. It comes in four fun colors, works with every iPhone, your Apple Watch, and your iPad. The tiny Anker wall charger provides high-speed charging while saving space in your bag or desk drawer.

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Best budget charger: Mkeke 20W USB-C wall charger

Mkeke's charger block gives you seven hours of playtime after only half an hour tethered to the wall. With 20W output, Mkeke works with every iPhone 13 and older phones, plus your AirPods, Apple Watch, and your iPad. It's about the same size as Apple's original wall adapter but rings up cheaper at the register.

$12 at Amazon
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Best for iPhone 13 Pro Max: Anker 60W USB-C GaN dual port charger

Charge two devices simultaneously with the Anker 60W PIQ 3.0 and GaN Tech dual-port charger. It's powerful enough to handle your MacBook and your iPhone 13. About half the size of a MacBook charger, this wall adapter has all the power and twice the ports of other options.

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Easy to grip: Lightningfast 20W fast charging block

If your charger goes with you on vacation or to work and school, scoop up the Lightningfast 20W fast charging block. This mini wall charger has a robust build with easy-grip sides and PD delivery. Best of all, the blue LED at the front lights up when your iPhone is done charging.

$16 at Amazon
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Foldable plug: Spigen PowerArc

The foldable plug on the Spigen PowerArc minimizes its size for portability and storage. With GaN Tech and a chipset that allows the ArcStation to be 30 percent smaller than Apple's stock charger, you'll get 20W of sheer power in this little package. Grab it in black or white now.

$20 at Amazon
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Double up: UGREEN USB-C PD fast charger 36W

UGREEN's two-port wall adapter pushes out 36W so you can supercharge your iPhone 13 Pro Max. It works with other iPhones, too, of course. When both ports are in use, it delivers 18W to each device. Use one port, and all 36W will fast-charge your iPhone or another USB-C device.

$17 at Amazon
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Best for tight spaces: Nekmit 4-port USB-C 42W thin charger

This four-port PD charger fits flush against your wall outlet, making it ideal for those who need to recharge in tight spaces. With four USB-C ports, you can quickly charge your iPhone, AirPods, iPad, and iPad, all simultaneously. The Nekmit 42W wall adapter comes in blue, red, and white.

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Three devices at once: TECKNET USB-C charger 65W PD 3.0

TECKNET's PD 3.0 GaN charger has two USB-C PD ports and one USB-A port. Packing 65W, it'll fast-charge your iPhone 13 Pro or any other iPhone, a MacBook Pro, Nintendo Switch, or iPad Pro without fear of overheating or overcharging. When you want one adapter that can handle anything, this is the wall charger for you.

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Cable included: Quntis iPhone 13 30W fast-charger

It looks like Apple's wall adapter but doles out more power. This 30W iPhone 13 wall adapter from Quntis tops off your iPhone or iPad in a hurry. The charging block is small enough to slip in your pocket, and this adapter comes with a 6-foot Lightning charging cable.

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Two for the price of one: Belkin USB-C wall charger 20W PD

Complete with Belkin BOOST CHARGE technology, these USB-C wall adapter deliver 20W of PD power to charge your devices three times faster than the old Apple 5W chargers. Maximize your time and your budget with this deal. You'll get two 20W wall adapters for the price of one. Now that's a steal.

$22 at Amazon

Our top three picks

And there you have it, our list of the best wall chargers for iPhone 13. Just like the best MagSafe chargers, you have options. The best bang for your buck comes straight from Apple. We love the simplicity of the 20W Apple USB-C wall adapter and the fact that it works with your iPad and other USB-C devices.

If you want something a little smaller, I recommend Anker's 20W Nano charger. It's 50 percent smaller than the Apple adapter, and it quick-charges everything from your iPhone 13 to today's best wireless earbuds.

If you need a charging cable and wall adapter, the Quntis iPhone 13 30W fast-charger is the one you want. It can handle every iPhone up to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and it comes with a 6-foot Lightning charging cable.

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