Whether you're part of a holiday gift exchange or are worried a neighbor might stop by with a last-minute gift (social distancing, of course), the need for white elephant gifts is important this time of year. The following amusing, impractical gifts should serve that purpose. Better still, they are likely to go on sale for Black Friday.

Get your fix

Coffee Mug Amazon

Funny Coffee Mugs

Get your caffeine fix in style

Coffee mugs make great gifts at any time of the year. Add a few cups to your cart that include a humorist message, and get ready to see someone laugh. For white elephant gifts involving co-workers, it's best to avoid mugs with inappropriate messages, however.

Everyone loves seeing unique mugs out in the wild and often they serve as a great conversation starter. These are a great gift as we anticipate a post-pandemic world where we're around people again.

Drink up

Craft Cocktail Kit Amazon

Become a better mixologist

Relax and enjoy

Whether it's wine stoppers or racks, drink recipe books or cocktail kits, there's a lot to see here in this broad category of libation accessories.

Obviously, before deciding whether to give any of these items as a white elephant gift, make sure the receiver enjoys adult beverages. Otherwise, find a more appropriate gift. You got this!

Everyone eats

Signature Popcorn Amazon

Foodie Stuff

Salty and sweet

Food-related white elephant gifts are always popular, whether they are popcorn kits, candies, or meat/cheese trays.

The best thing about food gifts? If you don't have the opportunity to give them away during the holidays, you can keep them for you and the fam! Just avoid the fruit cake.

Irrelevant and fun

Dinosaur Taco Holder Amazon

Knicknack Gifts

Age-appropriate gag gifts

3-D pin art, taco holders, chicken herb infusers, vegetable peelers, and banana pens are just a few of the items you can find on Amazon that are best described as knicknacks.

These type of gifts take many forms and some are actually very useful. Did you know stainless steel whiskey cubes were a thing?

Page turners

Dad Life Book Amazon

Inspirational and Humorist Books

Put down that iPad

Yes, folks, actual books are still a thing. For white elephant gifts, think more The Philosophy of Beards and The Totally Awesome Book of Useless Information than Shakesphere and you'll be on the right track.

Do you remember the days when visiting one of the big box bookstores and sipping coffee was a thing? Those were the days for many of us.

White elephant gifts are fun to buy and serve a useful purpose. During the holiday season especially, it's always good to have a few items ready to give. Whatever you do, be sure to select gifts that are fun, playful, and will bring a smile to someone's face. Happy shopping!

We'll keep the above list updated as we approach Black Friday 2020 with any new deals that crop up before or during the event next month.

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