Blurrycam image purports to be a Logitech G-Series gamepad for iPhone 5

Logitech already makes some great accessories for iOS devices, and if this blurrycam image is to be believed, it looks like they might have an iPhone 5 gamepad on the way. This image acquired by the folks at Kotaku, purports to be a future G-Series gaming add-on for the iPhone 5 complete with Lightning port, D-Pad and four physical buttons.

One of the many features not specifically mentioned during the WWDC 2013 keynote is iOS 7 support for MFi game controllers. The iPhone 5 is capable of running some truly outstanding games, but many still yearn for the feel of a physical controller over touchscreen controls. While this leaked image doesn't give us anything concrete, it does at least build a little excitement for what could be headed our way down the line. Anyone else liking the look of this one?

Source: Kotaku

Richard Devine

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