A woman holds a gold Lux iPhone X case to her ear

Brikk, purveyor of opulent tech for the extremely wealthy, announced the launch of their new luxury phone casing collection in a press release today. The collection, dubbed Lux iPhone X, includes the Mono, Classic, Deluxe, Haute, and Ingot casing styles, and will range in price from about $7,500 to $70,000.

Mono, Classic, Deluxe and Haute casings are available in 24K yellow gold, 18K rose gold and 950 platinum. The Deluxe casing feature VVS/GE genuine diamond accents, and the Haute casings are customizable - you can design them with any rare material (yeah, that includes meteorite) or precious stone your little heart desires in order to create "a truly bespoke artifact."

The real treasure of this line, however, is the Ingot casing. A "very rare specimen," it has a mirror-polished back surface and is made of either 108 or 250 grams of solid 22K yellow gold. If that isn't enough for you, don't worry: like with the Haute casing, customization is encouraged.

Each phone comes packaged along with a user manual and any standard accessories in an aluminum container lined with carbon fiber and leather. In addition, you'll get a one-year warranty and a diamond-embedded certificate of authenticity that you'll totally want to whip out at every social gathering to prove your new purchase is the real deal.

If you're on the fence about using your extra spending money on a gold-plated iPhone from the Lux line, it might sway you a bit to know that 7% of the purchase price of each phone will go hurricane relief efforts across the US. So, y'know, you can also check off your charitable deed for the week.

The casing options are now available for purchase on Brikk's website, and will ship November 2017. Be right back, I'm gonna go fish under my couch cushions.


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