Comic: The case Against an iPhone case

Ed: Welcome to this week's edition of The Pixel Project: a weekly comic from Diesel Sweeties' Rich Stevens on Apple, technology, and everything in-between. Today: The case against an iPhone case

dont you worry about dropping it? you cant spend your whole life worrying about your phone.

you have such a clear outlook on life. uhhh...

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  • Lol! Sent from the iMore App
  • Eh. There are so many feather-thin cases out there, so I don't see what the big deal is about using a case. If I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars of my hard-earned money on a phone, I'd rather use one to at least somewhat protect it. Better safe than sorry.
  • I know they even advertise them on the site all the time.
  • It's just a joke.
  • It is a shame though to hide the beautiful design and high quality craftsmanship of something like an iPhone in a plastic case. It's like the plastic covers your old auntie had on her sofas. But, there is always that chance of drop-page - I really wish the next step for smartphone tech was more indestructible chassis. Screens are perfect, cameras are amazing, more software features than anyone needs... it's time to re-invent the build again somehow.
  • This comic reminds of a post on a forum I read years ago. I have copied it word for word. “Im plannin to take really good care of my i5 ..... I dont evn keep it directly on a hard surface ..... Wel iv u are plannin to use screen gaurds or covers just to keep it brand new then you are just spoiling your fun n keepin the fun for da person who will use your iphone next ....... I hate screen gaurds n covers .... They spoil the beauty n feel of the iphone ... Moreover its all ultimately commercial .... If u really have a bad luck no matter how much u try u will damage ur fone no matter how much u protect it .... I wont be saving da awesomeness of my iphone for a person who will use it next .... I wana enjoy it myself !!!! Its an iPhone !!! Its meant to be handeled with care !!!!”
    — Apple Support Communities
  • That quote makes me weep for the English language.
  • I don't put cases on. If you don't want to there is a golden rule you must follow : If you are actively using it, hold it "tight" in your hand, else it's in your (empty) pocket, or on a stable surface far from the edges. I have my iPhone 5 for 2 years now and not even a perceptible scratch. Even though it fell on the flour multiple times despite my golden rule.
  • Naked technology FTW! At most, I put Zagg's Invisibleshields on my tech. My reply when people as me about dropping it? I don't drop my things. But what about-- I don't. Yah, but-- No. I don't drop my tech devices. Period.
  • Odd. I don't have a case on my almost two years old phone and nothing about it is broken or damaged. It's almost as if not everyone is careless enough to need a case.
  • I have never dropped my phone, my turtle, or my baby. So none of them need a case. Well, the turtle came with one of course.
  • OK... that cracked me up! :D
  • I tend to avoid cases because I know how cheap and easy it is to replace the screens. But on the iPhone 6 I had to put it in something because, between it's size and the satten finish on the back you can't use it with one hand without it wanting to jump out of your hand. I'm still not 100% sold on large screens.
  • Only reason I use a Seidio slim case is because the phone (or most phones for that matter) are too slippery for me. I love the feel and look of them nekkid, but functionality has to win out in the end and it will always slide out of my hand without a case. (ugh)
  • Cases are for the weak.
  • The iPhone 6 is kinda like a bar of soap, it's hard to not drop. I've held other phones, like the Nexus 5, that would be far less likely to slip out of your hand.
  • Love all the anectotal evidence against cases. Lets ask any Apple store and repair shops about their cracked screen repair statistics. Talking about anectotal evidence, the repair shop close to my home has a bin with hundreds cracked screens and displays.
  • Those are people who need cases. In fact, many of them already had them on when the screens cracked.
  • one word "AppleCare"
  • I love how these articles always bring out the people who don't use cases and act like they deserve a medal, and imply that anyone who uses a case doesn't know how to take care of their electronics. Get over yourselves. Sent from the iMore App
  • Cases cover up the phones beauty. Treat it like a $900 hand held computer, and you won't be dropping it.
    No case needed. My phone is in MINT condition and has never had a screen protector or case.
    I don't put Anything in the pocket with it, no change, no keys etc.
  • I take good care of all my apple devices, but I always put on a case, just for piece of mind. I don't think I'm holding on to a "mint" phone for someone else later on, I just like to keep a pristine investment. I currently only have an iPhone 6 Plus with Apples own leather case. It looks just as thin, and adds so much grip without adding bulk.
  • It would be nice to have my iPhone caseless, but as Apple is yet to produce a waterproof iPhone, I'll keep on using a case. Sent from the iMore App
  • "Treat it like a $900 hand held computer" That's exactly what I do. I buy the sturdiest, ugliest case I can find. That way it is protected from damage, and no one wants to steal it either. It's not jewelry, people. It's a phone.
  • Good idea. I bought a medium quality case for 20$. And today when it fell down the case jumped off from the impact and the phone cracked. Sent from the iMore App
  • I see the pretentious "I care for my things better than everyone else" crowd is in full effect today. Things happen. I've seen someone get bumped into while they were talking on their phone and it shattered. I presume the experts would say "Don't talk on your phone in public while standing on a sidewalk"...
  • I just took my Tech21 case off my phone and realized how good it looks. Going to get a new case when I get my next phone though. Always careful but I've dropped it a couple times and the case saved it from damage.