Comic: The Mystery of the Slow iPhone Sales

sales are down because apple killed the HEADPHONE JACK. its an audiophile boycott!

or sales are down because iphones got more waterproof at the same time.

sorry, audiophiles. toilet-proofing is a way bigger deal. stop tainting my anger with your facts!

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Rich Stevens

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  • I've never dropped a phone in water... Is that common? Further, lightning port to headphone jack exists, and an Audiophile isn't going to use an iPhone directly anyways as afaik they don't have a great DAC.
  • I've known a few people that have done it, usually when they are using their phones on the toilet or when washing dishes. I think the term audiophile is used loosely here, a true audiophile wouldn't use an iPhone to listen to music but here I think it's just referring to people who appreciate the audio quality of their music, but not necessarily trying to get the best quality possible.