TiPb Give-Away: Gracie Gear workout clothes for women with iPhone holder built in!

Here we have the Gracie Gear sports tops with handy PowerPouch for your iPhones or iPods for about $25.00 to $50.00. Gracie calls it the handsfree experience and yes, it is liberating. These tops are great for anyone who enjoys getting fit and for those who simply want to look like they are getting fit (I'm eating chocolate as I write this!).

Stay with us till after the break to find out more about Gracie Gear and how to enter the giveaway !


The tops are made of a very strong and comfortable polyester spandex blend. They give your body lots of mobility without sacrificing support where you need it. The Racer back allows you to move around with ease and comfort. The high necked front on the tops also give you much more coverage.

iPhone PowerPouch

The PowerPouch is a wonderful three pocket design with a zipper enclosure so that everything stays in place. It has a small hole in the top side for your headphone wire, which allows the zipper to stay securely closed as you listen to the latest TiPB Live podcast. You can carry your keys and money in one compartment and not worry that your iPhone will be damaged or -- gasp! -- fall out. The loop on your shoulder strap keeps your earphone wire neatly in place as you train.

The Giveaway

This one is for the ladies only. (Sorry guys, you've had plenty of turns!) Gracie Gear [Gracie Gear Shop Link] has graciously offered to give away five (5) shirts to our TiPB readers. Just choose one of the three shirts displayed in the gallery (Black bra top, Yellow bra top, or Blue halter top) and leave a reply on our TiPb Forums thread telling us which you want, and telling Gracie what you think of their gear (don't be shy to make suggestions!)

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