Gorilla Glass 4 may help protect your future iPhone screen from drops

Less than two years after Corning first revealed Gorilla Glass 3, the company is going ahead and introducing Gorilla Glass 4. The latest version of its touchscreen display glass is supposed to be up to two times tougher than any competitive cover glass product. Corning said that in their drop tests from one meter on a rough surface, devices with Gorilla Glass 4 survived the drop up to 80 percent of the time.

The three previous versions have been put into 1,395 products and have shipped in a total of over 3 billion units since 2007. Corning said:

Gorilla Glass 4 is manufactured using Corning's proprietary fusion draw process. It maintains the thinness, durability, and optical clarity for which Gorilla Glass is known, while dramatically improving drop performance. Gorilla Glass is the cover glass of choice for device manufacturers around the globe.

Product sampling of Gorilla Glass 4 has already started with OEMs but there's no specific word on when it will be available for the public in future products.

Source: Corning

John Callaham

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