Hands-on with the DxO One camera

DxO recently announced the One, its DSLR-like camera attachment for the iPhone, and we got to check it out briefly. When it comes to the DxO One, the first thing to talk about is the price. This accessory is on the expensive side, but if photos and videos on the go are important to you, you will see the value.

Unlike many other iPhone camera accessories, the DxO One doesn't solely rely on the iPhone to capture the video, as it can record as a standalone camera as well. The unit itself is rather small and very lightweight. The DxO One features a 20.2-megapixel sensor with a maximum aperture of ƒ/1.8 and a minimum of ƒ/11. It can record 1080P video at 30fps. There's built-in support for numerous camera modes to help capture the best image, such as Auto, Sports, Portrait, Aperture Priority, Manual, and even Selfie.

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When it is not attached to your iPhone, the Lightning port folds down into the unit, reducing the risk of breaking it when using it as a standalone camera. To get the Lightning port to extend, you simply open the camera lens and then push the cover down a little bit further and it will pop up. On the top, there is a single button to control recording and stopping. There's a small display on the back. The DSLR-like functionality comes once you've attached the DxO one to your iPhone.

With the companion app, users can then take more control of the video and pictures, as they would on a large scale camera. Users can immediately access photos and videos taken on the camera once it is plugged into the iPhone, making it nice and easy to share things on-the-go.

The iPhone 6 takes some amazing pictures and video, as we have already seen with the 'Shot on iPhone 6' campaign. If you are looking to step up your quality even further this add-on may be worth checking out. The DxO One isn't limited to the iPhone 6, though: It's compatible with almost all iOS devices that have a Lightning port, and requires iOS 8 or later to run the app.

Pre-order the DxO One now for $599