iFixit goes under the hump in Smart Battery Case for iPhone 6s teardown

Let's face it: of all of your mobile accessories, a battery case is probably the one you're least likely to repair. But that doesn't mean we can't get a peek inside anyway, and that's just what the folks at iFixit have done with Apple's new Smart Battery Case for iPhone.

In its teardown, iFixit found that the Smart Battery Case is held together with a combination of strong adhesive and three proprietary screws. On the inside, there's also a protective metal shield the sits between the battery and the outside of the case.

Once inside, the iFixit crew found that, aside from the 1877mAh battery itself, the case contains a relatively simple setup of two chips interfacing with the lightning connector. It's likely that everything that makes this case "smart" is done on the software side of things on your iPhone. Other than that, the case's exterior is made entirely from hard plastic coated in soft silicone.

Source: iFixit

Dan Thorp-Lancaster