The iKettle has WiFi and can be boiled from an iPhone. No, really

Ever wished you could set the kettle to boil the moment you woke up in a morning, just from your phone? Wish no longer as the iKettle is here, WiFi and iPhone app in tow! Available for £99.99 from British online retailer Firebox, the iKettle is available to pre-order now with general availability in 1-2 months.

The idea is ridiculously simple. Providing you keep it full of water, you can boil the kettle from anywhere in the home. When you wake up in a morning, the app will ask you if you want to boil it, likewise it will welcome you home by asking the same question. It's a lazy tea and coffee drinkers dream – otherwise known as me!

For more information and pictures, head on over to the source link below. It's expensive, for a kettle, and perhaps more than a little gimmicky, but I'm in love with the idea already. How about you?

Source: Firebox

Richard Devine

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