We all know the iPhone 4S camera can replace most point and shoot cameras in a heartbeat. But what about for professional photography? Does it make the cut for on the go photography or does it still leave something to be desired?

Ryan Bolger, a personal friend of mine, is a professional photographer and local gallery owner. He has been patiently waiting to pick up an iPhone until he thought Apple got the camera feature right. I suggested that he pick up the iPhone 4s and give it a chance as a camera to use while on the go.

Over a month later he has nothing but positive things to say about the iPhone 4S camera and the quality of the images that it produces.

So I've been holding out for years. I've had an upgrade ever since the original Iphone came out & I decided that I was going to wait until the camera was where I wanted it & knew it could be. The iPhone 4S has changed my creative life in a very big way. The App Store has also opened up my eyes to a whole new creative & visual world. The ability to capture, ratify, & share my creative life with a few simple taps has helped me in my quest of trying to make the world a better place through my art.

Within the first week of my new marriage to this phone I took over 2,000 photographs. I'm amazed at the detail & the versatility of the iPhone 4S' camera. I've even used it on some paid client assignments. That's how much I trust it as a professional photographer.

I just read an article last night that photography was one of the things Steve Jobs aimed to re-invent. As a guy whose life revolves around photography and has since childhood, you've already done this Sir. So thank you Steve Jobs and thank you Apple.

Be sure to hit Ryan's gallery of photos at the link below. The first 200 to 250 photos are all taken and edited on his iPhone 4S.

Source: RJB Imagery