Lala iPhone Music Streaming App Coming Soon

Streaming music has gotten pretty popular among iPhone owners and today we'd like to introduce you to one more option, Lala.

Lala gives you the ability to listen to any song for free one time, if you happen to like the song you pay $.10 for unlimited listening. And at $.10 per "Web Song" you can pretty much purchase a full album for a single dollar. That may not convince all of you but Lala has one more trick up it's sleeve. You can upload your entire music library from your computer to the cloud for you to stream back to your iPhone, completely free. Lose you data connection for some reason? No worries as Lala uses caching to save your music. Exactly how much is cached is not known just yet but it's a nice feature regardless.

This is definitely an app worth taking a closer look at when it hits the App Store, it should be free to download and you can expect to see it available within the next few weeks.

IM Staff

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