Steve Jobs interview D8

At their annual special music event tomorrow, could Steve Jobs announce that Apple's iTunes song previews are doubling to 60 seconds? That's what CNET is hearing rumored:

Currently, iTunes offers 30-second snippets of songs, a feature designed to give users a taste of the music to help them decide whether they like it enough to buy. Some users have long complained that half a minute isn't enough time to really hear a song.

30 seconds has sometimes been enough for me, sometimes not. It depends on which 30 seconds they preview. The first 30 seconds of long, building instrumental intro to a rock song usually doesn't provide any context for the song itself. Part of the chorus with enough overlap on one side or another and I'm good.

Given the plethora of other announcements we expect, iPod touch 4, iPod nano 6, iOS 4.1, maybe Apple TV/iTV, etc. how important is this one to you?