Jawbone JAMBOX giveaway!

The Jawbone JAMBOX is my favorite audio gadget of the last year and one of my favorite gadgets in general. To put it in Aladdin-esque terms, it's cosmically powerful sound... jammed into an itty bitty box.

Follow on after the break for a quick review and an awesome giveaway!

The JAMBOX connects to your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (or most any smartphone or tablet) via Bluetooth and that's when the fun begins. Whether it's your collection in the iPod/Music app, streaming internet radio, the soundtrack to your favorite movies or video games, or even the audio from a call or conference call, JAMBOX will blast is all around you. For something that small it's got bass you can feel and remarkably clean sound in general.

Rather than a dock in every room and a speaker at the desk and in the car, JAMBOX can just go with you and pump sound for as long as its re-chargable battery lasts -- which is pretty darn long. And yes, it's phenomenal at parties. Heck, throw it in your bag, take it with you, and you are the party. We're talking serious magnitude. Pop. Pop.

The TiPb Accessory Store has the Jawbone JAMBOX in stock and ready to go right now... and they're also offering you a chance to win one of your very own. All you have to do is jump into the our accessory forum and leave a post in the Jawbone JAMBOX thread telling us why you want it. Go ahead, enter now!

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