Joby gorillamobile for iPhone and iPad, gorillamobile Yogi for iPad - TiPb at CES 2011

Not only is Joby still finding innovative ways to connect your iPhone 4 (like on rails) and ipad (like on a monster stand) to their signature flexible, prehensile tripods, but for 2011 they've also gone multifunction with some case action as well.

TiPb was live at CES 2011 Unveiled; check out the video above and the product shot after the break!

Rene Ritchie

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  • Great sneak peaks Rene! Thanks for the video and post!
  • Thanks Rene. The Metallic case is okay, but I wonder at the practicality (and stability) of the Metallic look case (sorry, I did not catch the name of it) now if they could color the case red and gold, and have the white disc on the cover glow It might be interesting (in a Ironman, briefcase armor sort of way) Otherwise, at least to me, it is just another case....and considering they are hyping the material it is made from, probably quite expensive.
  • I personally like the iStabilizer Tripod more. It works with any iPhone and other smartphones too. You can use it with any case (Gorillamobile makes you use their proprietary case). Its $10 cheaper and makes it really easy to use this with multiple phones. My wife and I share one and its way easier than when we had a Gorillapod because we used to have to take the phone out of the case everytime. The iStabilizer is much easier! Check out iStabilizer [dot] com
  • I love my gorillapod for my iPhone 3GS. I do not think of it as a photo accessory, but more of an all-purpose attachment to hold, stand, hang my iPhone in any position. It's great for reading in bed, viewing recipes in the kitchen, mounting in the car, and of course as a tripod. I rarely need to remove the case, just the stand if I need to put it in my purse.
  • I bought the new Gorillamobile for iPhone 4 and it has some weaknesses and some strengths. The proprietary case required is in fact just a bumper. I could live with that with protectors on the front and back of my phone. The problem there is the Gorillamobile case/bumper fits in such a way that is lifts the edges of the screen protectors so you have bubbles all along the edges. The strength would be it's size; it fits pretty easily in your pocket. Having seen the iStabilizer now in the previous post, I'd buy that instead.