LUMOback Kickstarter project looks to correct your posture using your iPhone

The LUMOback has just hit Kickstarter and looks to solve your back problems by alerting you when you have bad posture. Kickstarter members are cranking out some really interestig ventures these days and this one is no different. The LUMOback has two parts to it, a hardware part and an iPhone app. The hardware part consists of a sensor and vibration motor, it senses when you are sittting or standing in a bad way and alerts you with a gentle vibration. You wear the sensor on your lower back like a belt and it has been designed so you barely feel that you are wearing it.

The app connects to the sensor wirelessly via your iPhone 4S or new iPad (we assume it is using low energy Bluetooth 4.0). It then monitors all of your movements and displays them back using its innovative stickman avatar called LUMO. It monitors you when you sit, stand, walk, run, lie down and more.

Our story begins with one of our co-founders, Andrew, and his quest to find a solution for his bad back. His back troubles made him feel frustrated and less productive. Andrew tried everything but nothing worked, until he took posture classes that taught him how to sit, stand, and sleep properly. Learning better posture has transformed his life. Not only does he feel better, he looks great too. Posture is scientifically linked to back problems (which affects 80% of people sometime in their lives) and is also important for confidence, physical fitness, and general wellness. Using the latest sensor and mobile technologies, we can bring good posture and movement back into our daily lives. In doing so, we hope to positively transform the lives of millions of other people too.

As this is a Kickstarter project, funding for the project is critical to its success. As it stands, it has managed to reach just under half of its $100,000 target; it does still have 33 days to go. If you suffer from bad posture or spend way too much time in from of a computer screen and want to do something about your posture you can get an early piece of the action. Pledges start from $99 including the LUMOback with various other options upwards from that.

Source: Kickstarter