Monday Fun Concept: Lexus iPhone Headrest Docks

What's funner than and iPhone in the car? And iPhone -- literally -- in. the. car. Or at least the new Lexus LF-Ch concept car thinks so. Gizmodo sibling site, Jalopnik has the details from the Frankfurt Auto Show:

The LF-Ch has four sport seats that feature trim lighting along the cushion's edge for cabin illumination. Rear passengers can enjoy headrest-mounted iPhone® docking capability for audio and video entertainment. In addition, the LF-Ch has storage in the rear seat armrests for small items such as iPods®, PDAs and cell phones."

The battle for most expensive iPhone accessory -- oh, it's on! So who wants 2 to 5 of those babies in their Rob Corddry-chauffeured hooptie?

Rene Ritchie

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