ISIS readying to go where Apple won't: NFC tap-to-pay for iPhone

The lack of NFC on the iPhone is a downer when it comes to using it for tap-to-pay purchases. ISIS, however, has long been talking about coming to the iPhone through a tie-up with case maker Incipio. Prototypes have been shown off, but now, the folks at Engadget have received the first concrete evidence that these things might actually go on sale:

The Cashwrap enables secure mobile payments via a micro-NFC chip and a mobile app and it'll be available from AT&T for $70 according to our reader, with variants for most of Apple's recent smartphones.

The tip was accompanied by a sneaky photo showing off the packaging, which clearly shows an iPhone and makes mention of the ISIS Mobile Wallet application – which of course, isn't yet available in the App Store. So it looks like finally, actually becoming a thing, but is it a thing you're actually interested in?

Richard Devine

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