While attachable lenses are always a hot item—here are five fantastic examples all for under $100—for iPhoneographers, there are some other great accessories worth checking out as well. From cases to sticks, remote shutters to remote stands, here are ten amazing ways to make your photos less everyday. (And they also work great as gift ideas for your bae, bff, and more!)

The Moment iPhone Case

The Moment iPhone Case is actually a shutterbugs best friend!

While it may just seem like a beautiful, fancy phone case, The Moment iPhone Case is actually a shutterbug's best friend!

Working hand-in-hand with the company's innovative and durable lenses, The Moment makes your iPhone more like a traditional camera. There's a shutter button located on the top of the case that enables half-press and full-press features for focusing and adjusting the exposure.

The lenses that attach are also very secure, so you don't need to worry about losing lenses in the snow or having them crack against the concrete while straining for that epic shot.

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Motrr Galileo

Galileo is much more than your basic iPhoneography gift.

For interactive video calls, remote surveillance, stunning panoramic images, breathtaking timelapse videos, multiple live streams, hands-free motion tracking, and more, Motrr's Galileo is much more than your basic iPhoneography gift.

The app-driven, motorized mount can fit an iPhone and can be programmed to follow specific motion paths, or be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world. That means you can set up your phone and get a beautiful time-lapse of a sunset or mount Galileo to your car for some in-cab shots and phone-o-graphs!

So. Much. Fun.

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The Power Wallet

The wallet essentially acts as a hub for your tech without it looking like a big and bulky and messy with wires.

Almost everyone has seen or knows someone who uses a backup battery charger for their phone. They're normally big and clunky and aren't all that appealing to look at. Forget pulling out your charger in a restaurant or in a club, because a) who even does that? And b) there's a much prettier solution.

Enter: the Power Wallet from Photojojo!

The wallet (that looks more like a clutch) essentially acts as a hub for your tech, without it looking like a big and bulky and messy with wires. It includes a hidden, lightweight, high-capacity backup battery for your phone that doesn't need to be removed for charging (plus, the Power Wallet is primo storage space for any stray iPhoneography lenses that may be laying around).

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Muku Shuttr Selfie Remote

Using Bluetooth, the Muku connects wirelessly to your phone

For your most dedicated selfie-taking friend or for big family gatherings where the selfie stick just won't cut it, the Muku Shuttr Selfie Remote has you covered.

Using Bluetooth (so there aren't any pesky apps to download), the Muku connects wirelessly to your phone and works up to 30 feet away from your device. With its slim and lightweight design, the Muku can even attach to your keys so you're never far from that perfect distance shot.

And, forget about being the only person not in a group photo because you're the one taking it —set up your iPhone and use the Muku to snap a shot of you and your BFFs to never be left out again!

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Fly Eye Phone Lens

Fly Eye Phone Lens

Don't you wish that sometimes you could be a fly on the wall? Well with Urban Outfitter's Fly Eye Phone Lens, you can get a whole new bug-tastic perspective!

Give your iPhone photos a new point of view with this easy to use, aluminum phone lens. Made with high quality glass, the Fly Eye lens clamps on to the front or back iPhone camera securely to prevent any movement while shooting. The clamp itself also comes with clip for attaching to a key chain, meaning you can carry around your lens and pop it on quickly if you spot the perfect shot.

(Bonus: You can also attach the lens to your MacBook camera to get some funky customized photos!)

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Prynt Inkless Photo Printer Case

Prynt Inkless Photo Printer Case

You know how in Harry Potter, they have those magical moving photographs and portraits? Now you can do (almost) the exact same thing with the Prynt Inkless Photo Printer Case.

Working like a standard phone case, Prynt allows your iPhone to slide into place and turns your phone into a professional tool with a shutter button, internal battery, adapter, and grip. You can instantly print your mobile photography on the go, as it takes around 30-seconds to fully print a picture, and there's no need to stress about changing ink cartridges either.

While most iPhoneography devices require users to snap a photo and that's it, Prynt actually takes a short 5 second video with every picture you snap. This means when you look at your photo through your phone screen, augmented reality literally causes the picture to start moving – how cool is that?!

If you love the Prynt, be sure to check out their photo sticker film to make your own customizable iPhoneography stickers.

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Cliquefie Selfie Stick

Cliquefie Selfie Stick

Say goodbye to everything you thought you knew about the selfie stick, and say hello to the Cliquefie, a sleek, chic, ultra-portable selfie tool that won't make you look like an idiot when you whip it out in public.

Unlike most selfie sticks, the Cliquefie (and the CliquefieMini) is designed to be as discreet, lightweight, and practical as possible. Forget about capturing semi-shakey selfies because you can't keep your arm straight — the Cliquefie is controlled with a wireless bluetooth remote that pops right out of the stick itself, so you don't have to worry about losing it.

The polarised stainless steel Cliquefie is also built with a retractable tripod that extends from the base of the handle, making group shots a breeze, while getting rid of that recognizable selfie angle.

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LuMee Phone Case

LuMee Phone Case

Looking for a present for the selfie addict in your life? Never fear: The LuMee case is here!

A favorite weapon of choice by Kim Kardashian-West, the LuMee case lights up your face via front-lit string of LEDs that encircle the phone's frame.

Dimmer buttons allow you to control the intensity of their selfie lighting, while a rechargeable battery case ensures that you won't zap the battery as you're snapping selfies.

The case itself is also designed to be quite durable with impact-resistant plastic, so you don't have to sacrifice your selfie art for safety: you can have both!

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Belfie Stick

Belfie Stick

Butt first… Let me take a Belfie?

You've heard of the selfie stick, but have you heard of the Belfie stick? The Belfie stick is essentially a selfie stick that's been redesigned to bend and adjust so users can take the perfect photo of their bums, something selfie experts say is more and more sought after.

No more mirror selfies, dropped phones, or awkward angles – simply slide your iPhone into the titanium steel stick and bend your Belfie to the perfect angle before snapping your butt selfie.

If you're thinking, "who would buy this?" well apparently a whole bunch, as they're currently out of stock.

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HTC RE Camera

HTC RE Camera

Forget about pulling out your iPhone every time to take your pictures and video, pull out your HTC RE Camera instead!

The portable little camera works wirelessly with your phone, acting as a remote shutter to capture your photos and videos. If you don't have your phone with you, the device works with a microSD card, meaning you can snap now, and check your pictures and videos when you get home later.

The RE only has two buttons, one main button for pictures and video, and one button to play around with slow motion — so get creative! The camera comes with a built-in tripod mount, and a wide-angle lens, so you can really capture the world around you with your RE.

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What's your ideal iPhoneography accessory?

There a countless other amazing iPhone photography accessories for people of all ages. Let us know in the comments which iPhoneography gadget you simply cannot live without!

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