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Ping Introduces Social Playlists

Ping has rolled out new Social Playlists that you can make to share with your friends and followers. Social Playlists allows you to compile a seemingly limitless list of songs available in the iTunes Store, for your followers to buy.

The page-layout is similar to any album you would find in iTunes, including the ability to rate and comment on playlists and a unique icon, made up of 4 of the albums in your playlist. You and your friends can also create a collaborative playlist, to easily share songs with each other. The playlists are also viewable but not editable on the iPhone/iPod touch in the 'Ping' section of the iTunes app, so you can buy songs directly from the device.

The Social Playlists are a great way to share songs that you may have bought from other sources like Amazon MP3 or ripped-CDs. Are you going to be using these new Social Playlists and do they make Ping any more compelling for you?


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  • No
  • Ping is so useless. I really don't get the point.
  • Great idea, but I do not believe ping will catch on until they merg, or work out something with fb. I wonder what ping's user base really is.
  • Ping is an afterthought. Until it gets the 'blessing' of FB, it will never be relevant in the social media arena. Face it Jobs, you aren't the king of all things tech. You'll have to be the beggar this time.
  • Nice, I'd use this. Lack of friends using Ping is a major issue tho, and limits the usefulness of this.
  • What's Ping! Ha.
  • Just tried it out. Like most people, I'm not at all impressed by Ping. Anyway, making playlists is kind of tedious; You can't drag and drop files from your music library, you have to add each song by searching for it in a pop-up window.
  • Thank you, very nice. However, some files can not be displayed on your website, be aware of.
  • There's obviously a double-standard when judging this clip. Rewind two years ago Miley Cyrus released a music video for "can't be tamed" that comproable to this clip was incredibly tamed. The fact that Joe isn't getting nearly any of the attention Miley is unfair, but hey, the song is awful so its not going anywhere