Ping Introduces Social Playlists

Ping has rolled out new Social Playlists that you can make to share with your friends and followers. Social Playlists allows you to compile a seemingly limitless list of songs available in the iTunes Store, for your followers to buy.

The page-layout is similar to any album you would find in iTunes, including the ability to rate and comment on playlists and a unique icon, made up of 4 of the albums in your playlist. You and your friends can also create a collaborative playlist, to easily share songs with each other. The playlists are also viewable but not editable on the iPhone/iPod touch in the 'Ping' section of the iTunes app, so you can buy songs directly from the device.

The Social Playlists are a great way to share songs that you may have bought from other sources like Amazon MP3 or ripped-CDs. Are you going to be using these new Social Playlists and do they make Ping any more compelling for you?


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