Pokémon Go's 100 KM Adventure Sync Achievement confirmed

Pokemon Go banner
Pokemon Go banner (Image credit: Niantic)

What you need to know

  • Multiple players have confirmed the 100 KM acheivement.
  • This acheivement requires nearly nine miles a day every day for a week.
  • This reward is currently the largest Stardust reward in Pokémon Go.

After dataminers uncovered a bit of code in Pokémon Go for a 100 KM achievement, much of the community speculated that such a feat was beyond what Niantic might ask of its players. However, some players have done just that and confirmed that 100 KM a week is, in fact, the top Adventure Sync acheivment.

Working out to be just about nine miles a day, this acheivment is nothing to scoff at but for those who are willing to put in the time walking, jogging or even biking at reasonable speeds, the rewards are substantial.

Five Ultra Balls, 10 Great Balls and 20 Poké Balls are hardly worth the excitement but, on top of that handful of items, players are also rewarded with both a 10k and a 5k Adventure Sync reward Egg and a whopping 24k Stardust!

For those unfamiliar with the Adventure Sync reward Eggs, these special Eggs were added into the game several months back and, though they look identical to the 5k and 10k Eggs players can pick up from any Pokéstop or Gym, they have a much smaller pool of only six rare Pokémon each. The 10K Adventure Sync reward Egg is currently the fastest way to get Riolu. On top of all that the 24k worth of Stardust is currently the largest Stardust reward in the game.

While most people don't have the time (much less the drive) to clock in nearly 9 miles a day going slow enough for Pokémon Go to count the distance, Pokémon Go is here to reward those who make such strides.

Will you be attempting this massive feat? Do you think the rewards are worth so many miles? Drop us a comment below and be sure to check our Egg Hatching Guide for tips on how to make the most of your distance hatching Pokémon Eggs while you work towards this goal!

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