Pokémon Go Trainers will soon be able to level up to 50

Pokemon Go Level
Pokemon Go Level (Image credit: iMore)

What you need to know

  • Beginnging on November 30, 2020 Pokémon Go Trainers will be able to reach level 50.
  • In addition to experience, Trainers will need to complete challenging tasks to level up.
  • Pokémon will also be able to level up to even higher CP than before.

As part of the Go Beyond update, Pokémon Go players will soon be able to reach level 50. Leading up to the increase of the level cap, players will be given lots of opportunities to earn tons of XP. The folks at Niantic want to see as many players reach level 40 as possible and are offering some big incentives for those who reach this milestone by the end of the year. Starting today, players will earn double XP for catching Pokémon and when the level cap is increased, there will be even more XP granted from many other game mechanics, including evolving Pokémon, hatching Eggs, and registering new Pokémon to your Pokédex.

Pokemon Go Level Up Research (Image credit: Niantic)

Beginning on November 30, Trainers will be able to start leveling up to 50; however, the way in which players level up beyond 40 will be handled quite differently from previous levels. While there will still be XP requirements, for each additional level, Trainers will need to complete Special Research with some of the most challenging tasks yet. These tasks are designed to take a lot of skill and time, giving both veteran players and new players alike something new and exciting to work towards.

Pokémon will also be able to go beyond level 40. Powering up your Pokémon beyond level 40 will require new XL Candy. These Candy will be earned by catching Pokémon, converting existing Candies, and more. Both of these new features will begin rolling out tomorrow for testing to select level 40 Trainers in Australia, while Niantic fine tunes the update, but players who are part of the test will not be allowed to use their level 41+ Pokémon in the Go Battle League for the time being.

Are you ready for the greatest challenge yet, Trainers? Let us know your thoughts on this update in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Best Pokémon Go Accessories so you're fully equipped for the journey ahead!

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