Inductive charging is the future, and one of the companies trying to bring it to the iPhone is Powermat. I say trying only because, unlike our friends over at CrackBerry.com, we won't be able to just swap in an inductive battery and go about our business. To truly bring inductive to the iPhone, Apple will have to build it in the way Palm does with the Pre and Pixi.

But Apple is Apple, so companies like Powermat are working around them with cases. The iMore Store has the 2009 Powermat models in stock, but coming later in 2010, they're getting sleeker and adding a second, slightly longer case that includes an extended battery.

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Powermat, and others, believe one day inductive charging will just be built into our counters, desks, cars, etc. Hopefully Apple includes it in the 4th generation iPhone. I know I want it.

CES 2010 sneak peak video after the break!

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