Powermat Inductive Charging for iPhone -- TiPb @ CES 2010

Inductive charging is the future, and one of the companies trying to bring it to the iPhone is Powermat. I say trying only because, unlike our friends over at CrackBerry.com, we won't be able to just swap in an inductive battery and go about our business. To truly bring inductive to the iPhone, Apple will have to build it in the way Palm does with the Pre and Pixi.

But Apple is Apple, so companies like Powermat are working around them with cases. The iMore Store has the 2009 Powermat models in stock, but coming later in 2010, they're getting sleeker and adding a second, slightly longer case that includes an extended battery.

Powermat, and others, believe one day inductive charging will just be built into our counters, desks, cars, etc. Hopefully Apple includes it in the 4th generation iPhone. I know I want it.

CES 2010 sneak peak video after the break!

Rene Ritchie

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  • First. Yeah can't wait for apple to include this technolodgy. Bur being apple I doubt it
  • bad technolgy: high loss of energy because of tranformation to el. field much inteferences to other devices around we have to live with this aditional el. fields i hope this technology will be revised
  • @vril
    I agree. This is definitely not the future. Wait until the hippies find out how much energy inductive charging wastes...
  • Also too bad that those powermat cases are hideous in every way.
  • Who wants to add 4 pounds to their iPhone?
  • I thought they might have made an iPhone battery that we could have bought and then had soldered in by a 3rd party.
  • I would love for this to become the norm. But the cases required for the iPhone to do it are ugly!!!!
  • Definitely NOT happening this year. Maybe next year. Definitely by 2012.
  • I own the 2009 3G case and the folding mat. I don't find them overly bulky and I love it. It looks great and protects great. I like my things in perfect condition and the powermat case does just that. I hated my other case and a friend had a high end case and it was ugly, built up dirt and made the iPhone bulky too. I don't want the standard battery to be compatible because iPhones and iPods scuff extremely fast. (I have a touch too)