SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector for iPhone review

The SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector is simply the best iPhone screen protector I've ever used. By far.

If you switched from a phone with a plastic screen to the iPhone's spectacular glass screen, then you know how different the feeling is. It's like night and day. Glass is just so much easier to slide, swipe, pinch, flick and use than plastic. For everything from basic navigation to good old game plat, glass is the feeling you want. And it's exactly the feeling the SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector for iPhone gives you.

Although I've used a lot of screen protectors and films over the years, I've never stuck with any of them precisely because they made my beautiful glass iPhone screen feel like cheap, sticky plastic. Every swipe just felt wrong. The SGP GLAS.t Screen Protector suffers from none of that. It feels almost exactly like the iPhone screen. The reason for that is simple -- GLAS.t has a hardness of 8-9H, which they say is three times stronger than regular PET film.

That also makes it incredibly scratch resistant, so contact with keys, loose change, and other common pocket objects isn't a problem. It is a high-density material, however, so if you drop it from high enough it could chip -- but better the inexpensive, easily replaceable GLAS.t than your expensive, not easily replaceable iPhone screen and digitizer, right? The GLAS.t is also specifically designed to break into small, non-sharp pieces so it's not as dangerous as a traditional glass product.

The GLAS.t sticks to your iPhone by virtue of a strong silicon adhesive and once in place it transfers capacitive touch input effortlessly between your finger or stylus and your iPhone. I noticed no missed multi-touch moments or any lag whatsoever. Because it's a solid layer, it will add slightly more thickness (0.4mm) to your iPhone than the almost two-dimensional plastic films, but the difference in tactile feel more than makes up for it. It eclipses it.

Because of the thickness, however, SGP includes several Home button extenders that you can use to make the Home button easier to press. You don't have to use them, they just turn -- for lack of a better term! -- your iPhone Home button from an innie to an outie. You get black, white, pink, and green options. I much prefer the basic black one.

The GLAS.t is also oleophobic, just like the iPhone screen, so it repels oil and finger smudges and is much easier to keep clean. (SGP nicely includes a microfiber cloth to help with just that.)

The good

  • Feels just like iPhone glass -- spectacular!
  • Oleophobic for easier cleaning
  • Scratch resistant

The bad

  • Not as thin or chip-resistant as plastic.

The bottom line

The feel of glass is just so much better than the feel of plastic that once you try the SGP GLAS.t I don't think you'll ever be able to go back. It's easy to put on, easy to clean, it's scratch proof, and it just looks and works so much better than a plastic screen protector. The best compliment I can give the GLAS.t is that after a while it doesn't feel like you're using a screen protector at all, it just feels like you're using the same silky smooth glass surface you've always been using.

It's the best screen protector I've ever used (and a lot of us here at Mobile Nations are now absolutely hooked on them).

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