Sprint retailer only sells iPhone 5 if customer buys accessory bundle too

One anonymous Sprint retailer is apparently refusing to sell iPhone 5 devices to customers unless they also buy a bundle of accessories to go with it. The sure, the bundles they were offering were 20% off, but the cheapest ones started at $84. Sprint commented on the issue and said that it's not corporate policy to do this kind of thing, though indirect retailers can do whatever they want. The package this particular customer ended up getting included a Body Glove, Zagg Invisible Shield, and a y-charging car kit, all of which you can see above. 

That is some pushy, and outright rude up-selling. Don't get me wrong, we love accessories here at iMore, but holding a device purchase hostage for a few extra bucks will not only scare off customers, but also earn them quite a few negative reviews - assuming of course customers don't buckle under the pressure. 

How pushy have you seen mobile salespeople get? Have any of you picking up an iPhone 5 experienced anything like this?

Source: Consumer Reports

Simon Sage

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