Music Skins make premium vinyl adhesive skins for iPhone and iPod that protect from scuffs and scrapes without being all bulky about it, and while they features tons of artists, their big release right now is the Beatles. That's right, your iPhone can get the Fab Four on the outside before the iTunes Store offers them inside!

We'll take a look -- and start our give-away -- after the break!

If you haven't used a vinyl skin before, the process is simple and stress free. You peel them off, just like a sticker, align them on your iPhone or iPod touch, and then firmly press them down working your way from the center towards the edges. I typically use the camera on the iPhone as a guide but on the iPod touch I just eyeballed it and it worked out fine as well. I don't know (and no one will tell me) what roll NASA or Massive Dynamics played in coming up with the material, but it looks like a grid of tiny air pockets that make readjusting it in case of misalignment, and removing it if your tastes change, a relatively easy and hassle free process.

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Now, it's important to remember that while a vinyl skin will sacrifice itself to protect your device from nicks, it won't protect it from a fall. On the other hand, there's almost zero added bulk and you won't notice any difference in the pocket. Also, because of the extremely low profile, most of the hard cases I tried out fit over it no problem (the softer, leather cases were a bit tight, especially with the added friction from the vinyl).

As to the quality of the skins themselves, the printing was colorfully retro, the edges clean and precise, and the fit was well finished. They also provide matching wall paper for your lock screen.

TiPb met up with Music Skins at CES 2010 where they showed us their latest, greatest Beatles Limited Edition Collector's Set for iPod and iPhone (only 250 available world wide!) and sent one on for us to show you. And like we mentioned in the title, now that we're done showing it they're letting us give it away, and that's not all. Here's the complete rundown:

  • One (1) grand give-away, Beatles Limited Edition Collector's Set for iPod and iPhone!
  • Five (5) runner-up giveaways: Music Skin, style and device of your choosing!

Want? Here's all you have to do:

  • Head on over to the TiPb Forums and tell us your favorite Beatles song (and if you don't have one, tell us your favorite non-Beatles song!)
  • Contest starts now and ends Saturday, Feb. 6 at 12pm PST
  • We'll randomly pick the winners and let you know via PM.

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